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Con Affetto’s Last Minute Diwali Gifting Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Diwali is within fragrant halwa sniffing distance and if you’re like us, you’re probably also looking forward to some Diwali chutti 😉 But wait… is the thought of the upcoming Diwali season sending you into a frenzy of panic instead of ecstasy? Last minute Diwali gift shopping giving you the jitters, huh? Well, worry not, coz you’ve come to the right place! For starters, take a quick look at our snazzy gifting guide that tells you everything that you need to know about the art of gifting. Then, read on for our funky last minute Diwali gift ideas that will make you the toast of this Diwali gifting season. And no one will even guess about all that last minute Diwali shopping!

The last minute Diwali gift bucket

If you’ve been reading our blog regularly (good on you!), you know that one of the key tenets to a good gift is to make it personal. Well, our Diwali gift bucket, does just that and what’s more it’s perfect for the festival of lights too! Get one of these quirky lanterns and fill them up with thoughtful and personal gifts you know the recipient will love.

Fill up a festive lantern with little gifts for your very own Diwali Gift Bucket

Add some extra sparkle with a Diwali Gift Bucket!

Add in a few of our delightful cake truffles and this will be one gift even Santa’s Christmas sock will find hard to beat!

The last minute Diwali movie gift package

Everyone loves a good flick, right? But gifting someone a bunch of DVD’s is ever so BORING! But hey, what if you gift them the whole magical movie watching experience instead? And they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their (Diwali lit) home! Yup, we’re talking about a Diwali movie gift package.

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to create a movie package by gifting everything one would need for a complete movie watching experience

Rock the Diwali gifting scene with a Diwali movie package!

Fill it up with everything you need for the perfect movie night: popcorn, drinks, some comfy cushions or a throw, a bunch of scented candles for that special festive touch and a DVD (or two!) of their favourite movie/s. The perfect last minute Diwali gift for just about anybody– all you need to do is figure out their fave movie!

The last minute Diwali gift for your 3am buddy…

This is your go-to pal come hail or fine weather. They’ve not just been there for you through thick and thin, you’ve also been there, done that together. You’re probably even going to be spending Diwali evening with them. Want to get them something special but are running out of time and ideas? Hot chocolate is what you need! And we’re not just talking any old hot chocolate, but Adult Hot Chocolate!

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to make your friends some Adult Hot Chocolate

Spike up your Diwali gifts with some Adult Hot Chocolate ;)

Make up a (large) batch to have or go, team it up with some of our special sunshine and you’re set for a festive Diwali season! It’s the least you can do to make up for those 3am calls you’ve subjected your friend to!

The last minute Diwali gift for the person who has everything…

Okay, so this is probably your better half; your sis/bro; your pal whose birthday just got over or someone whom you simply cannot think what to gift for the life of you! What then? These super cool printable ‘breakfast in bed’ tickets! Or personalized business cards for those who really want to make a unique style statement. Get creative with your thoughts and get printing!

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to gift fun printable coupons tickets or business cards

Get personal and creative this Diwali with these fun printables

The last minute Diwali gift that keeps on giving!

Nope we’re not talking about creating a secret Santa for Diwali (would be a fun idea though!). We’re talking about something unique and thoughtful that will help you spread the spirit of giving not just at Diwali but beyond: gifting a charitable donation. Identify a charity or a cause that is close to the recipient’s heart and gift a donation in their name. A wonderful way of starting something new this Diwali that will truly spread the spirit of the festival of lights.

A unique gifting idea is to gift a charitable donation

Spread the true spirit of the festival of lights by gifting a charitable donation

So now that we’ve taken all of that Diwali gifting stress away, just sit back, relax and get ready to Diwali gift with our easy peasy ideas! And hey, you know we like hearing from you, right? Write in and tell us if YOU have any suggestions for last minute Diwali gifting ideas that helped you steal the scene!