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  • All show and no substance, the look is great, but the taste is very commonplace and average. It’s not special enough to ‘make an impression’....

    Aria Gupta

  • Thank you con affetto for the timely delivery of the cake cop looks exactly like the image displayed on your site...the packaging is...

    Ashita Grover

  • I absolutely loved the bouquet and so did my husband. From the packing, to the taste - everything was spot on. Took my first bite of the cookie...

    Apoorva Bomb Surana

  • Thank you Con Affetto for the delicious Brookie Jar, I'm sure my friend will get well super soon now! Though, I wonder if I've given her a reason...

    Srishti Goyal

Our Story

Tired of gifting flowers, chocolates and regular sweets? Spot on. Here we are.

We combine the best of these popular gifts i.e. eye-catching vigor of flowers with flavour filled sumptuous baked goods to handcraft uniquely beautiful edible bouquets.

Con Affetto (Italian for ‘with affection’) is a premium gifting company offering edible bouquets handcrafted out of in-house baked delicacies.

These handcrafted beauties are a unique, mouth-watering and thoughtful way to say ‘Happy birthday’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Get well soon’ and anything else you’d like.

Our idea is to help you make your gift exclusive, creative, personal and timely. Call us for any sort of customisation. We would love to hear your ideas.

Let us help you make gifting special.