Benefits of Baking

Lockdown extended! Is quality time with your loved ones on your to-do list? Well if that’s what you’re looking for, it doesn’t get better than baking together! Baking can be incredibly uplifting and relaxing when done in your alone time, but when done in a group it can take you to a whole different zone. And when it’s done with close family and friends, it can be almost therapeutic!

Here’s a look at why baking with family should be on your must-do list in lockdown 3.0:

B for….Bonding!

Bonding while Baking


Baking requires time and patience. It’s but natural that if you’re doing it with someone, you’re investing time and effort into creating something together. In the process you nurture and strengthen your bonds with each other, in the most delicious way imaginable :)

There’s something in it for everyone!


From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can help out in baking a scrummylicious cake; or fun and funky donuts! From measuring ingredients (grandpa, with his penchant for being precise); to mixing the cake batter (the kids get to play a role here!) baking is an all inclusive affair. Even the family dog can play a part- licking the batter off the kitchen floor! 😉

Baking is SUPER for kids! Okay, there are reams and reams of research out there which prove beyond doubt that baking is a fabulous activity for families with kids to indulge in as often as possible. Not only does it get kids interested in trying healthy foods (carrot cake, anyone?), it gets children involved in the process of meal planning and learning about healthy ingredients, makes them feel included and accomplished by contributing something to the family meal and teaches several basic math and scientific principles. So get your kids around that oven already!

You get to learn a lifelong skill…

Baking Apron


Yup, baking ain’t just fun and games! As anyone who is clueless about cooking; we’re talking about being unable to even boil an egg- there really are peeps like that out there!- will tell you, learning how to bake is an invaluable skill. And it’s a skill that will last you a lifetime.  If acquired well, it can bring you great joy (not to mention delicious bakes!). And hey, if you get really good at it, you may even make it a lifelong passion!

Baking together gets those creative juices flowing…

Unicorn Donut

Baking has been likened to a work of art and a good baker is akin to an artist. So it goes without saying that when you and your family get involved in baking you bring your individual personalities and talents to the entire process and feed off each others creativity. You can take that basic cake recipe and add your own creative flair to it. Who says you have to be a text book baker? In the process, you not only unleash your imagination, you amp up the entire creative process! Many epic desserts- think cake pops, or macarons!- have been created by imaginative and innovative bakers thinking outta the (cake) box!

Fosters some awesome teamwork!

Cupcake Decoration Teamwork

Remember that old saying about how too many bakers can ruin the cake? Just as with any other group or community project, baking requires great teamwork and organization. In any team there are people with different skill levels and competencies; some need support and guidance, some get an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. And when you’re playing for the greatest team of all-the home team- it’s a learning ground like no other, and fun too!

We hope we’ve got you all revved up about spending time with the fam around that oven, baking up loads of happiness, with these benefits of baking! Don’t forget to watch this space for more fun bake for family– we have LOADS of awesome stuff we plan to serve up to you this month- fresh and hot from the oven, Con Affetto style 😉

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