Sinful Love

INR 1790

Forget love - I would rather fall in chocolate. Give someone these sinful bites and let them indulge.


The Delights:

  • - 12 Cake Pops 
  • - 1 Heart Shape - Chocolate Dipped - Vanilla Butter Sugar Cookie 
  • - Keepsake Cream Bucket
  • - Complimentary Gift Card
  • - Stylish Gift Box
  • - And a Satisfied Palate!!


Allergic to something? Call us. This bouquet is baked to order and is eggless. 

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Pratishtha Gogna

2018-04-12 07:02:30

Thank you so much for the wonderful bouquet.. It made our day more special

Sakshi tandon

2018-01-24 06:58:38

just one word superb.... thank you so much for making my sister's special day even more special ... she was so glad and specially called me to tell that cake pops taste delicious... will order more soon

Suvira Chadha

2017-12-26 14:02:59

Sometimes when desserts look pretty they don’t necessarily taste amazing. This is not the case for conaffetto! The cake pops look great and tasted even better! Will definitely order again

Apoorva Bomb Surana

2017-11-22 07:39:26

I absolutely loved the bouquet and so did my husband. From the packing, to the taste - everything was spot on. Took my first bite of the cookie just now and it's still super crisp. I wish Con Affetto all the very best! You can expect more orders from me and my friends (who BTW asked me about the bouquet and started following your page on instagram from that moment) in times to come

Aditya srivastav

2017-11-09 16:20:19

Thank you con affetto for the timely delivery of the cake cop looks exactly like the image displayed on your site...the packaging is extremely beautiful and the cake pops tastes absolutely delicious. Will definitely order from you guys again

Palak Bawa

2017-10-09 11:50:35

Just wanted to thankyou for such an amazing experience. They loved it and had the full of it in just a few minutes. Surprises like these are worth everything. Thankyou once again for making it special. You are soon gonna get many many more orders from my side. Loads of Love❤

Ashita Grover

2017-09-20 07:05:09

Thank you con affetto for the timely delivery of the cake cop looks exactly like the image displayed on your site...the packaging is extremely beautiful and the cake pops tastes absolutely delicious. Will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks!:)

Megha Agarwal

2017-08-23 02:36:07

Ordered it for my son's birthday. Turned out to be an awesome decision. It was a beauty with taste. Loved by all

Sobia Khan

2017-08-21 04:19:43

Thnku soo much! Eveybody jst lovvvedd lovvedd the bouquet! It ws beautifull anddd of courseee yummmiest thing ever!

Palak Rana

2017-07-30 10:10:22

The cake pops are utterly delicious!

Mishika Gupta

2017-07-30 10:05:22

Your bouquets are beautiful and your truffles are chocolate-ly delicious.

Vrinda Yadav

2017-07-30 10:04:10

Hello!!It looks very pretty! Thank you so much for on time delivery!!

Sneha diwan

2017-07-03 15:23:27

Amazing! The collection is so pretty and the concept is very unique

Ekta Mehta

2017-06-05 08:49:46

It was a treat to eyes and taste buds! Thanks a lot ! Everybody loved the idea of it !

Shreya Babbar Verma

2017-05-25 06:28:33

Thank you so much for the patience and help. My childhood buddy was overwhelmed. Thank you for helping me to make it up for not being present on my friend's silver jubilee birthday. You guys are doing a great job by spreading smiles all the way. Keep up the great work. Lots of live and Best Wishes to the team.

Aakriti Mall

2017-05-18 04:18:39

Though this review is a bit late from my end. But the only expression I could give when I saw and Tasted this amazing creation was *Wow*. My friend loved it.. Such a unique concept, exceptionally good packaging and appearance and so fresh is the taste! Moreover, a big thanks to Ms. Upasna for being so much cooperative and dedicated. Much love to these super ideas and creativities!!

Abhishek Jalan

2017-05-12 01:37:21

I recently tasted Con Affetto - it was simply out-of-this-world! The one I had was kind of a chocolate cake covered in soft chocolate. The moment it got it my mouth, it was like heaven!! The only bad thing about Con Affetto is the packing - YOU SIMPLY DON'T FEEL LIKE DISTURBING IT! :) How the hell would one eat your chocolates guys unless one undoes that beautiful packing?! Such a dilemma!!! :) :) Keep up the good work!

Arpita Barua

2017-05-12 01:29:18

Thank you con affeto..... Superlative product, great service....... the bouquet looks exactly like the image displayed in your site.... loved it... most importantly it brought a smile to my husband's face.... in me you will find a loyal customer from today onwards.... keep up the good work, it can bring about a lot of smile...

Mehul Rajvedi

2017-05-12 01:25:46

Thank you so much for the lovely and exotic sinful love bouquet for my husband on his birthday.The packaging was a beautiful treat to the eyes. The chocolates are yummy . Thanks once again for a cherished memory :)

Debdatta Bakshi

2016-11-28 08:15:10

Thank you so much. I received 2 such lovely bouquets from your side on 25.11.2016 on my birthday and it's indeed a treat for eyes n appetite.