Brookie Jar

INR 932

An entire jar of cookies a day brings your mojo back. Cherry on the cake- they are brookies. (Brookies: brownies stuffed in cookies)


The Delights:

  • - Giant Size Chocolate Chipped Brookies
  • - A Keepsake Cookie Jar
  • - Complimentary Gift Card
  • - And a Satisfied Palate!!


Brookie contains EGG. Allergic to something? Call us. Our products are baked to order.

*The jar contains 09 brookies. Call us for bulk order and discount.

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Srishti Goyal

2017-09-05 03:14:12

Thank you Con Affetto for the delicious Brookie Jar, I'm sure my friend will get well super soon now! Though, I wonder if I've given her a reason to stay unwell!