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All About Mummyji!

Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter

Shades of sepia, a touch of glitter…

We’re talking about a lady you can either love..or hate…but if you have her in your life, you sure as hell can’t ignore her! Yup, you guessed it right, it’s the Mother in Law, also known more fondly (or not! 😉 ) as Mummyji! Did you know that 25th October also happens to be Mother in Law Day? A fun occasion to show the Mummyji in your life some love; or give her a pre Diwali special something. Here’s a fun take on the different types of Mummyjis that abound in our lives and what YOU can gift yours this festive season!

1. The GH Mummyji

Her home is straight out of the pages of a design magazine and she has an avid interest in a variety of subjects pertaining to the home…she’s your Good Housekeeping Mummyji! Stylish and refined, she runs her home like a well oiled ship and is terribly house proud.

A house proud mother in law or Mummyji will like a home decor gift

Something for the home for the GH Mummyji

Gift her something to scatter around with style, with these silk brocade cushions with shimmering marigold or scent up her space with this elegant Ratnakara aromatherapy set.

2. Masterchef Mummyji

She can debate endlessly on the benefits of serving pineapple raita over boondi raita; her eyes light up at the mention of a new paneer recipe and she’ll be the first to try out that new fusion dish or that tough to bake cake. Say hello to Masterchef Mummyji! Passionate about food and all things cooking, this Masterchef in the making can cook up a storm and love every minute of it.

A mother in law or Mummyji who likes cooking will appreciate a cooking related gift

Charm her Masterchef Mummyji soul with a thoughtful gift

Charm her chef-fy soul with this awesome table top pizza oven or add some warmth to her favourite space- the kitchen!- with this ‘birdy’ tea pot set.

3. Have visa, will travel Mummyji

When in doubt, travel, is this Mummyji’s motto. Her suitcase is always packed and on standby, just waiting for that next exciting trip round the corner. From domestic destinations to Burkina Faso and Bora Bora, she’s been there, done that. And when she’s not travelling, she’s planning her next trip!

A mother in law or Mummyji who likes travel will love a thoughtful travel gift

Let her travel to see her newest sunset with a fab overnighter gift case

Get her really looking forward to her upcoming vacay with this hip overnighter travel case– she may just plan her next trip all around it!

4. Slightly bored and ‘I’m retired now beta’ Mummyji

Once passionate about her career and after working for many years in a job she loved, this Mummyji is retired now and at a bit of a loss. Her kids have flown the nest, and without a burning passion in her life, her days now seem to stretch on endlessly.

A mother in law or Mummyji who is retired may appreciate a new craft project gift

Help her discover a new passion!

This Mummyji needs a project! Help her get started with one with a crafting starter kit. Scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, wood carving…there’s a bunch of eclectic options out there, and you may just put her on to the next love of her life!

5. I’m too sexy to be called Mummyji!

Okay, so this Mummyji probably comes to your yoga class. Super fit, toned and with looks that defy her age, she might even pass off as your elder sister. She’s the fitness conscious Mummyji, well groomed, immaculate and terribly particular about her health and nutrition to boot.

A fitness conscious mother in law or Mummyji may like fitness related gifts

Super fit Mummyji? We have just the thing for her!

Let her go bonkers over these cool little nut cases; perfect for toting around that post workout snack! Or give her breakfast a little extra health boost with this Missisippy Muesli in fun flavours.

6. World’s Best Grandma Mummyji

She’s right there beside you cheering your kids on for their special days, events, school functions…even mundane occasions like playdate drop-offs or sit-by-the-sidelines-at-tennis-coaching. She understands your little one almost as much as you do, loves them to bits and sometimes, when they’re driving you up the wall, saves the day with her years of experience and wisdom. Yeah, she’s the World’s Best Grandma alright, and believe it or not, you and the kids are lucky to have her.

If your mother in law or Mummyji is a doting grandmother, give her a gift for the world's best grandmother

The world’s best granny needs the world’s best gift :)

The child in her will love this cheery mug– and it will remind her of her (and your) favourite little people even when they’re not around.

7. Busy Bee Mummyji

Business calls, urgent meetings, a full social calendar, a million and three lunches to attend; this is one busy Mummyji. Whatever her life stage or calling, she sure knows how to keep her days full. And if you want to spend any one on one time with her, you may just need an appointment!

A mother in law or Mummyji who is terribly busy will love a gift that helps her stay organized

Busy bee Mummyji will love something that helps her stay busy AND organized!

This Dino memo holder is purr-fect for the Busybee Mummyji to organize all her to-do lists! She may even pencil you in for some exclusive time with her 😉

What’s your Mummyji type? And have you picked out that perfect Diwali gift for her yet? We hope our gifting ideas helped! Until next time, happy Mummyji gift hunting :)