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6 Unique Birthday Ideas For Your Husband

Flowers…expensive cologne…fancy schmancy dinner…B.O.R.I.N.G. Does the thought of your husband’s upcoming birthday evoke a sense of blah instead of excitement because you’ve been there, done that? After all, when you’ve been together for what seems like forever, thinking up creative ways to celebrate each time can get tricky! Which is where WE come in with our specially curated countdown of fabulous, unique birthday ideas for his next big day! Go ahead, tick, tick…PICK!… one-or many!- this year and bring on the celebrations already!

6. Organize a karaoke night!

Organize a fun karaoke night for your husband's birthday

Karaoke your way into his birthday this year!

There’s nothing like letting go of those inhibitions with some good karaoke fun! Throw in some wine and good food, great company and sing in the birthday wishes for your beloved. Oh, and don’t forget to include all of the birthday boy’s favourite numbers; we can bet you’ll have him dancing to your tunes (quite literally!) by the end of the evening!

5. Organize a boy’s night out…

Organize a boys night in for his birthday with loads of munchies, beer on tap, his best buddies and endless TV!

Beer, snacks, TV and his friends; his idea of bday heaven!

…or in; much less stressful for the birthday boy when you don’t have to worry about picking up the tab or getting people back home safely! Put a bunch of his boys together in a room filled with beer, munchies and lots of TV/ video games- birthday boy gets to pick!- and they’ll think its heaven redefined! Let him hang out with his buddies and bond over boy stuff while you take care of all the party planning and organizing. It’ll be a fun-tastic birthday he’ll always remember and thank you for!

4. Turn him into a scavenger

A unique birthday idea: Plan a scavenger hunt for his birthday with the clues leading up to YOU!

When all the clues lead up to YOU!

By which we mean scavenger hunts, but of course! Remember the treasure hunts you played as a child? Set up one for him along similar lines but with lots of twists and some adventure thrown in for good measure. Make him work hard and get around a bit (take him back to your courtship days;)) and then lead the last clue towards YOU, with a special gift for all that effort (need gifting inspiration? check out our guide!).

3. Go on a picnic!

Unique birthday idea to celebrate your husband's birthday; organize a romantic birthday picnic

Organize a bday picnic for your little big boy

When was the last time the two of you let your hair down at a carefree picnic; the kind of stuff childhood fantasies are made of? Well, why not whisk him away for a surprise birthday picnic? Put together a personalized picnic hamper with the birthday boy’s favourite treats (we’re thinking silverware, champagne, smoked cheese and truffles, washed down with some strawberries and a spot of purple love); pick a spot where the two of can get away from the hustle and grind and watch your sweetheart turn into a little big boy again.

2. Take a class…

Unique birthday ideas to celebrate your husband's birthday; sign up for a class together!

Get your Salsa moves on for his birthday!

No, we’re not kidding! And hey, we don’t mean to take you back to your boring chem lab days…we’re thinking something fun like a cocktail making workshop, a cooking workshop if the two of you are foodies, or even a dance class (Salsa, anyone?)…anything that interests you. Sign up for one together, its a great way to have some fun and amp up the bonding!

1. Go on a long…elaborate…

Unique birthday idea to celebrate your husband's birthday; gift him a staycation

Gift him a stay-cation this birthday!

Staycation! Remember all the times you’ve hounded him for a vacation or a trip (we’re guilty as charged too!). Well, bust all that guilt by bringing the vacation to you! Organize a stay-cation with home turned into temporary resort and make it all about him. Sleep in till noon, birthday brunch in bed, movie marathons all day long (he gets the remote!)…you can even hire a butler-for-a-day to make the experience come alive! All you’ll have to worry about is getting him back to the normal routine when the birthday ends!

So forget the blah and boring for his next birthday and pick one of our ideas to truly make it a birthday to remember. And who says you have to stick to just one day? You can even make it an EPIC week long celebration with a countdown to his birthday! And don’t forget to write in and tell us how he felt!