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Con Affetto’s ULTIMATE Baking Ingredients Checklist: Beginner

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon and you’re in the mood to bake a gooey-licious chocolate cake. You get your favourite recipe out, prep the cake pan, measure out the flour and…you’re out of sugar! And baking powder… And there’s just, um, one egg and a scrap of cooking chocolate that’s not enough even for a cookie! Ever been there? Totally sucks, right? We know. And that’s why we’ve put together a list every home baker needs; a list that’ll ensure you have ALL your baking ingredients in place whenever you’re in the mood for some bakin’. Put this on your must-read radar along with our list of must have baking essentials every home baker needs and you’re good to bake!

The ULTIMATE baking ingredients checklist for beginners!

1. Flour

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

The basic baking workhorse!

This is your basic baking workhorse, whether you’re thinking cakes, cookies or breads. Two of the commonly used flours most home bakers come across are plain flour and self raising flour. Self raising flour is plain flour with a raising agent already added. If you’re using plain flour, you’ll need a raising agent like baking powder or bicarbonate of soda to ensure your cakes get that awesome rise you want!

Wholemeal flours tend to give a denser texture, but you can swap part of your refined flour with wholemeal for a healthier version.

Keep watching this space for some funky and healthy recipes using wholemeal flours- coming up soon!

2. Baking Powder

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Those cakes ain’t rising without this ‘magic’ baking ingredient ;)

When you have flour on the list, baking powder is bound to follow, coz that flour ain’t rising without this must-have on your baking ingredients checklist. Baking powder is a raising agent made of bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar and sometimes, cornstarch. Cream of tartar is an acid which activates the bicarbonate of soda- causing the release of carbon dioxide and helping to aerate the cake with moisture, so that the cake doesn’t get too dry.

3. Bicarbonate of Soda

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

The soda bakers can’t do without :D

Also known as baking soda, this is a base that is called for in recipes that also contain some sort of acid like buttermilk, yoghurt, lemon juice or honey, to name a few. The acid in the recipe reacts with baking soda, creating carbon dioxide and causing your cake to rise.

Just in case you were wondering- baking powder and baking soda are two very different ingredients.

Some recipes call for both baking powder and baking soda- this is usually to get the desired leavening as well as flavour and browning of your baked goodie.

 4. Butterrrrr!!

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Utterly butterly…cake-licious!

Utterly butterly required on any list of must have baking ingredients! Beaten together with sugar, butter is what gives your cakes its light, airy feel.

Important Baking Tip: Remember, butter needs to be at room temperature for baking.

We CANNOT imagine our creamed cakes without the delicious feel of butter!

5. Another all rounder on the must have baking ingredients checklist…

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Good ol’ eggs to get that fluffy sponge cake just right

…Eggs of course! Eggs are used in batters for binding as well as to trap air in the batter. As with butter, make sure the eggs are at room temperature before you get baking.

6. Cocoa/ Chocolate

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners


Coz what would a chocolate cake be without this on our must have baking ingredients checklist? Okay, plain vanilla which is also kinda nice, but we admit we’re chocoholics and we must must must have our chocolate cakes! You can go with either cocoa or chocolate. Or be like us and use both 😉 for your cakes, buttercream icings and fillings.

7. Sugar

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

A pinch of sugar…

The sweetest no-brainer on our baking ingredients check-list. There are all sorts of this sweetie of course 😉 Plain old white granulated sugar- nothing quite like this baby for creaming those wet ingredients together.

We have a sugary sweet post coming your way soon: all about the various sorts of sugars you need to sweeten up your baking just right!

Caster sugar tends to be quite popular among home bakers too; it blends real nice thanks to its fine texture. Icing sugar, is what you need for icing-DUH! Then there are a variety of brown sugars- light, dark, muscovado; each with a distinctive flavour and each lending itself to a particular sort of recipe.

8. Spice

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

…and some spice…

Sugar and spice go together to bake all those baked goodies nice :) Think cinammon, ground ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cardamom. A pinch or two can add that burst of flavour that’ll elevate your cake or cookie to the next level.

9. Vanilla Extract

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

…and a hint of vanilla, bakes all things nice!

This can really add that special zing to a recipe which is why it makes it to our list of must have baking ingredients. Invest in real vanilla extract made from vanilla beans, SO much better than the cheaper vanilla essence.

Pssst! Delhi home bakers! You may want to check out THIS fab resource on where to get your baking supplies in Delhi. Includes the full scoop on where you can get some REAL vanilla too!

10. Milk

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Fresh, creamy, flavorful…the goodness of milk in our gourmet bakes

We like ours full fat for that added creaminess and flavour :)

11. Yeast

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

That bread looks yeasty good!

Yeast. Instant, active dry, rapid rise, there are some yeasty varieties out there. Pick yours depending on what your recipe calls for.

12. Salt

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Can’t imagine grub without salt? Well, bakes need a dash too…even some sweet ones!

Just a pinch. For that added dimension to your scrummy bakes.

13. Vegetable Oil

Check out this super resource for home bakers; the ultimate baking ingredients checklist for beginners

Make your bakes healthier with this ingredient!

Can be used as a substitute to butter, or swap in a bit for a healthier version. Plus it brings in its own distinctive flavour to the bake at hand. We love our coconut oil for our pumpkin muffin recipe and our sunflower blend for our rich sponge cakes!

Okay peeps, you can stop reading and get baking already! :) And don’t forget to watch this space for the next post in our home baker essential series; we have a post coming up on the ultimate baking ingredients check-list- the ADVANCED version!

Do you have any basic ingredients you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Baking Supplies in Delhi: Con Affetto’s Ultimate Guide!

Good things come to those who bake! We totally agree but you also need good things to bake with, and to bake in! And in a city like Delhi, it can be a tad difficult to find your way around the bake space, especially when it comes to sourcing all those baking supplies. Well, we’re changing all that with our ultimate guide to baking supplies in Delhi. Take a read through and we assure you, ALL your baking requirements will be sorted!

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

The ULTIMATE guide for Delhi home bakers is here!

Of sugar sprinkled roses, frosting ice…ganache, fondant and all things nice!

Great baking has a lot to do with the right ingredients and to get those you need to know where to go. Here are some of our go-to places for getting the basics (and the not-so-basics!) of baking supplies in Delhi.

The Culinary and Cake Decorating School (CCDS)

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

At CCDS life really can be all about roses…in fondant and frosting!

Jelly roll pans. Ready to use gumpaste. White vanilla fondant. Whipped cream mix. Sounds like a baking haven? Well, when you step into CCDS, it’s a dream come true for your inner bakerista! From cake decorating tools and equipment to edibles and supplies, CCDS has all your baking needs- and then some- covered. Cherry on the cake? They stock brands right from KitchenAid and Kenwood to Nigella Lawson, Patchwork Cutters and Batter Buddies. And they now have their own online store as well, so all your baking supplies are just a click away!

Where: A-13, Okhla Estate Marg, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, DDA Shed, Okhla Phase II and other locations

Modern Bazaar

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Your basic baking ingredients covered, at Delhi’s Modern Bazaar

This is our go-to store for all the ingredient basics. If you’re thinking flour, eggs, sugar, ready mixes, frosting, food colouring and the likes, Modern Bazaar will have you covered. You’re sure to get what you’re looking for- or at the very least, a close substitute- right here. Their outlets in Vasant Vihar and DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon have an extensive stock of various baking supplies. Bonus Tip: The Modern Bazaar outlets in Vasant Vihar and DLF stock blocks of fresh yeast that you can store at home and use as you please! They also stock the usually hard-to-find egg white powder and wheat gluten.

Where: 15, Community Centre, New Friends Colony and other locations


Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

All the chocolate stuff a Delhi home baker needs at Pigmento!

This one is for the chocoholic bakers among us. If you’re thinking chocolate compounds, cocoa, all sorts of chocolate fillings and even stuff like fondant, Pigmento is the place for you. They have an enviable array of raw materials; perfect for baking and chocolate making, as well as a variety of bakeware.

Where: Shop No. 21, Birbal Road, Jangpura Extension, Jangpura

Chandanmal Kanhaiyalal

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Everything you need for cake decorating at Chandanmal Kanhaiyalal, Delhi

A trip up the stairs of the Community Centre in Karkardooma leads you to a rather dingy looking, small-ish shop. An unlikely place to qualify as a  baker’s haven, you’d think. But you’d be wrong! This little store is loaded to the gills and more with baking supplies that’ll BLOW your mind. Edible printing sheets, pastry sprinkles and beads, edible glitter (we like!), tubs of satin ice rolled fondant, macaroon baking sheets, moulds of all sorts, a range of baking equipment are just some of the things you’ll find here!

Where: 201, United Plaza, Second Floor, Community Centre, Opposite Karkardooma Metro Station, Karkardooma

Food Decor Shop

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Make your cakes look pretty with supplies from the Food Decor Shop

This pretty little store in Lajpat Nagar totally lives up to its name! If you’re thinking food decoration, the Food Decor Shop will inspire you! The store goes well beyond the basic baking ingredients and equipment (which it also stocks) and offers you a mind boggling array of food colours (in liquid, powder, gel, marking pens!), sparkles, butterflies, sugar balls, pearl confetti, cake tops, cake moulds, cookie boxes….sigh! We’re in bakerista heaven already! Bonus Tip: They also stock a range of ‘Belgium Flavours’- take your pick from Pan Masala, Raw Mango or Cola, to name a few.

Where: B 218, Krishna Market, Lajpat Nagar 1

Baker Solutions

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

The best of cake decoration at Baker Solutions, Delhi

Are you one of those fancy schmancy home bakers who luuurve edible sugar bunnies atop your cakes? Fancy sprinkles, perhaps? Baker Solutions is where you gotta go! From edible sugar accessories, all sorts of sprinkles, metallic sugar beads, frosting tubes to fancy cakes boxes and cupcake holders, Baker Solutions has ’em all.

Find them here: http://www.bakersolutions.in/

The Batter House

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

B’bye last minute trips to the dairy! Hello, whipping cream powder @ Batter House, Delhi!

Have you ever been half way through baking a scrummylicious chocolate cake, only to find that you’ve run out of whipping cream? Well you can forget all about rushed last minute cake shopping trips once you discover The Batter House. They even stock- hold your breathwhipping cream powder– which you can store in your very own home. Yipppeee! Not to mention other baking ingredients and baking tools.

Find them here: http://www.thebatterhouse.com

Some of Delhi’s famed markets: a haven for home bakers!

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Delhi’s Old Market is a haven for home bakers! Get your pick of baking supplies here

Delhi’s Old Market deserves a mention of its own with its multitude of stores where you can find what you need, and sometimes even what you thought you wouldn’t find in your wildest dreams (Yup, it’s happened to us!).  One of our most visited haunts is the quaint little lane behind Novelty Cinema with a bunch of shops lined up in a row. Now these little shops may not be much to look at, but take a closer look and it’s a market lane straight out of one of Enid Blyton’s faraway, magical lands! For here, you will find a bunch of shops that sell only bars of chocolate. Right next to another little bunch that sells only confetti. Yup, no kidding! Take a trip here and you’ll find everything from flour, cocoa, confetti, flavours, essences, chocolate bars to the latest in baking equipment. INA Market in Delhi is another treasure trove for chocolate lovers; here you will find brands like Calebaut, Selbourne, Morde as well as great quality almond meal, dry fruits, candied peel, whole spices and a variety of soft cheese. Then there is also Sadar Bazaar in Old Delhi; go here for packaging material and stuff like moulds and cupcake liners. Oh, and did we mention that these are wholesale markets so everything you buy will be at super competitive rates, making it well worth the trip here? Other worthy mentions: National Food Products at Daryagunj where you get all sorts of cheese from local to imported and SP Mukherjee Marg near Sadar Bazar with another line of shops selling cooking chocolate, flavorings et al.

We’ve listed some of our absolute faves above, but for many of the basic baking supplies in Delhi, you can also check out your friendly neighbourhood Big Bazaar, Needs or gourmet stores like Le Marche and Nature’s Basket. Fab India outlets have some hidden gems too; e.g. their organic vanilla beans which we totally dig and they stock sachets of vanilla powder too. Then there are also bakeries like Gourmet Affaire’s in GK II which, although not a baking supplies store, will be happy to help you out with a cake tin or liquid color or an edible sugar decoration. And for our dairy needs, there are the good ‘ol Mother Dairy outlets whose buttermilk we swear by!

And on to tins and pans to bung all those bakes in…

When we’ve shopped to our heart’s content for the baking staples, here is where we head to for all our bakeware:

Matchless Machine Tools

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

A treasure trove of baking equipment at Matchless Machine Tools, Old Delhi Market

The days of begging friends and relatives flying in from abroad to cart a muffin tray or cookie punches may be over, with several stores now offering bakeware right here, but it’s always a pleasure to find a veritable treasure trove of all the baking tins and pans you could possibly need under one roof. Which is where MMT comes in with its collection of anything you might ever need to bake in! Baking tins in every conceivable size, cookie cutters, dessert rings, icing sets…you’ll find them all here.

Where: 1730/B, Bazaar Lal Kuan

Cake Craft Store

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Cake crafting with a lil help from the Cake Craft Store

If you’ve ever dreamed of crafting that perfectly intricate icing rose atop your freshly baked cake; the Cake Craft Store should be your first stop. They stock a variety of crafting tools, rolling pins, silicon onlays, texture mats, cupcake liners, edible photo prints….gasp! We could go on and on, so why not head there and check it out for yourself?

Where: H 101, Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon

Bharat Crockery Corner

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

All the bakeware you’ll ever need at the Bharat Crockery Store, Delhi

Next time you’re in the mood for some baking, but find your kitchen lacking a tad in the bakeware section, hop on to the metro! Hop off again at the INA Metro station and head straight into Bharat Crockery Corner, right opposite the metro exit. Here you’ll find mini bundt pans, tart pans, scalloped edge cutters, pie plates, jumbo muffin pans, those bright and cheerful silicon baking trays and much more from their very impressive collection.

Where: 197, INA Market, Opp Dilli Haat

Butler Mart

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Ice your way to perfection with the baking tools and icing knives at Butler Mart, Delhi

Head here for your pick of palette knives, icing knives, baking dishes of every size, cake holders, serving plates and a variety of electrical appliances.

Where: Lajpat Nagar

There are also stores like Osaba (Vasant Vihar), The Home Store, Tarini (GK and DLF Phase 4), Croma and Lifestyle for standard bakeware. And there’s old Delhi market again, with its cornucopia of shops. There are quite a few around the Matchless Machine Tools area, as well as the trusty Sheel Pans in Rajouri Gardens, where you get all sorts of baking pans and tools.

Is there a store in Delhi YOU swear by for your baking supplies? Tell us and we’ll add it to our list! And don’t forget to watch this space for more resource guides on all things baking!