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7 Everyday Occasions When Cake Pops Come To The Rescue!

If you’ve been following this space for a while, you probably know that we kinda have a thing for cake pops, those adorb little bites of heaven that have created a frenzy on the dessert scene. And let’s face it, it’s hard not to fall utterly, head-over-heels in love with these little treats on a stick! Did you know that cake pops are super versatile and lend themselves beautifully to several #cake-pop moments that you simply must try? Read on for more!

1. When dessert boredom strikes and you’re looking for something funky to hit the sweet spot…

It’s been a long day; you’re totally stressed out and you need a quick sugar fix to get your mojo back but you don’t want another brownie or pastry! You need something that’s different; that’s fun; that’s not run of the mill…you need a cake pop! Combining the traditional sophistication of gourmet cakes with the fun quirkiness of lollipops, cake pops are designed to snap you out of those boring dessert blues!

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Stress busting balls have never been this gorgeous…or yum!

Try a signature Con Affetto ‘Have a Ball’ cake pop bouquet and watch all that stress melt away!

2. When you need a quick POP-me-up 😉

Picture one of these scenarios:

*It’s a long, boring afternoon at work and you desperately need something to get through a marathon meeting …gah!*

*It’s been an intense 90 minute sweat session in the gym and you’re looking for something fun to recharge your guns.*

*Manic middle of the day and you’re feeling peckish. Something light and quick that won’t weigh you down…*

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

For when you need (sweet) middle of the day inspiration!

Did something go POP in your head yet? We sure hope so, because ALL of the above are perfect cake pop pick-me-up occasions! These bite-sized handy desserts will melt in your mouth, giving you just the right amount of pop-me-up, yet without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much.

Bring back the sunshine into your life with our gorgeous ‘Hello Sunshine’ bouquet; we recommend our succulent red velvet cake pops, wrapped in golden sunshine!

3. When you’re hosting a fancy high tea

The girls are coming over for an evening of goss! You have the perfect finger food menu going; dainty cucumber sandwiches, mini kebabs, crusty quiches….and…you really don’t want an old fashioned tea cake but something funky to add a little…POP! Cake pops are oh SO perfect for afternoon teas, high teas and even for parties; they add a bite sized touch of glamour and deliciousness to any occasion.

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Add a dollop of oomph to your afternoon tea party!

Luxury, decadence, sin! Look no further than our Pop & Drink luxurious cake pop bouquet to add some bubble and fizz and plenty of oomph!

4. And the children just adore them!

If we’re talking parties, can kiddie birthdays be far behind? Yup, those occasions when you have a bunch of picky little eaters on hand and need goodies that are not boring and offer variety. Can you think of anything more fun than cake pops? With a winning combination like cake, chocolate and fun toppings that can be customised to themes from Minions to Disney Princesses, you have a sure shot winner with cake pops. (Psst: And they make for great additions to those goody bags too!)

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Kids and cake pops, a love story made in dessert heaven ;)

Charm the young uns with our adorable Little Pearls edible bouquet; guaranteed to delight mums, mums-to-be and kids alike!

5. When you want to get into shape and are watching the calories…

You’ve worked your way through an hour of cardio and munched a healthy low cal lunch when BAM! Images of that gooey chocolate cake start swimming through your head and they Just. Won’t. Go. Away. But one slice of cake packs in a whole lotta calories and you may not have the willpower to stick to just one bite. Ta da! Superhero Cake Pop to the rescue! Perfect taste, perfect size- just what you need! Talk about having your cake pop and eating it too 😉

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

For the calorie conscious, cake pops are the perfect dessert option

The Ballerina cake pop bouquet: an ode to lovers; not just of beauty, but the arts and desserts as well 😉 A quick nibble won’t topple you off the fitness bandwagon and you can spread some joy by sharing the rest!

6. When you’re hunting for that last minute gift and want something hatke

It’s a special occasion and you’re looking for a gift but you want something funky, not the regular cake and flowers routine. With cake pops you’ve hit the sweet spot! With their heart stealing good looks, innovative designs and the smorgasbord of flavours and toppings, cake pops make for one unique gift that is not just guaranteed to wow, but that can also be tailored to suit the occasion– think football themed cake pops for the sports fan or GOT themed cake pops (yup, true story!) for lovers of the Thrones.

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Need the perfect gift? Look no further.

Need that perfect, unique, funky gift? Purple It Up with this creamy and decadent cake pop bouquet!

7. When you’re on the go and need that dessert fix

Whether it’s road trips or picnics, or even a busy day whizzing around town, with cake pops you’re always good to go. Cake pops are mess and fuss free by design; they are spill proof, don’t drip and are leak free. So get a box to go and bring on the travels!

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Cake pops to go…on the go!

Did you know that cake pops and road trips were a match made in (travel) heaven? Colour up those travels with this vibrant bunch of gorgeous edible blooms; bursting with colour and road trippin’ joy! 

Is your cake pop moment calling out to you yet? Hurry up and order one of our gorgeous cake pop bouquets today! 

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Anatomy of a Cake Pop

Close your eyes and imagine a burst of delicious decadence melting over your taste buds. Dense, sweet, soft, just the right bit of moist, crumbly…could it be… cake?

But wait! It’s also cool…almost crisp, smooth, an explosion of fun…and it’s on a stick!

So…it’s a lollipop, right?

Cake…Lollipop…Confused? Don’t be! Say hello to the newest entrant on the desert scene: the CAKE POP!

Combining the best of two delightful worlds, cake pops marry the traditional sophistication of a tea time cake with the fun quirkiness of lollipops.

Cake pops are the perfect treat for birthdays; stylish and bite sized fun!

Cake pops make for stylish, bite-sized birthday treats

So how did cake pops come to be in the first place? They have a really interesting and totally yummy history! Cake pops evolved from cake balls which originated to make something out of leftover, potentially stale cake. So you would have all this scrummy leftover cake, crumbed and rolled into balls with icing or other binding ingredient and then coated with chocolate or some other sweet exterior (much like donuts). A fabulous way of creating something awesome out of leftover cake!

Cake balls was where it all began, they evolved into the cake pop as we know it

Cake balls led to the evolution of cake pops

Cake balls became so popular that bakers began making them from scratch; without waiting for the leftover cake that needed to be salvaged. This then led to that light bulb moment: why not put a cake ball on a stick? And voilà! The cake pop, as we know and relish it, was born! And then, the well known cake pop Queen herself, Bakerella (also known as Angie Dudley), really put the spotlight on cake pops with her delightful, spectacular creations and before you could say ‘POP!’ cake pops were popping up all over the world from home chefs, to bakeries to Starbucks, which now serves cake pops in a variety of flavours!

So let’s dig right into one of these scrummy-licious creations and see what really goes into the making of a very basic cake pop- layer by delicious layer. For a detailed Con Affetto special recipe, watch this space; we have something pop-tacular coming your way SOON!

What is a cake pop made of exactly? We take it apart for you, layer by layer.

Absolutely swoon-some aren’t they? What’s more, you can use your creativity and personalize your cake pops as you wish. Go ahead and experiment with cake flavours, or, if the fancy strikes you, play around with a variety of ice cream sundae like toppings. Don’t be afraid to throw a bit of your personality into them as well; from Harry Potter pops to Disney princess pops, cake pops are popping up pretty much everywhere! They make a stylish alternative at theme based events; think bride and groom themed cake pops at weddings or pink and blue baby pops, just perfect for a baby shower! Take a look at these 27 insanely clever cake pops you won’t believe exist! Kim Kardashian cake pops anyone?

From weddings to baby showers, cake pops make the perfect go-to dessert

Bride and groom themed cake pops for a pop-tacular wedding!

The great thing about cake pops is that they are a versatile, go-to dessert. They make the perfect bite sized offering for adults at an afternoon tea, are a fun, insanely popular option with kids at birthday parties and make a stylish alternative at formal events or for corporate gifting.

Cake pops are a stylish, bite sized, go-to dessert of choice suitable for any occassion

Bite sized, versatile, stylish; cake pops are THE go-to dessert!

This bite-sized, handy dessert is also great for the weight conscious; it lets you have the best ever combination of cake and a melt-in-your-mouth topping without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much. What’s more cake pops look absolutely fantabulous! All you need to do is make sure there are enough to go around; they’re so delicious that they do tend to have a tendency to POP into thin air and vanish!

Have you eaten one of these incredibly yummy delights? Or, is there anything more you’re craving to know about these yummies-on-a-stick? We are waiting to hear from YOU!

Corporate Gifting Ideas to ROCK this Diwali!

Unique and creative corporate gifting ideasClose your eyes and picture the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘Diwali gifts!’ Chances are, nine in ten people see a shiny gift box full of mithai. The ubiquitous mithai gift box and Diwali have been together since forever. And if you work in an office, come Diwali, you probably feel like a halwai with all those mithai boxes masquerading as Diwali gifts crowding up your desk. Why not take your corporate gifting from the banal to the brilliant this year with some of our unique corporate gifting ideas? Read on!

People, who work in offices need stationery, right? But hang on- we’re not talking dull as mud paperweights or stress busting balls (ugh!) here. What if you could chase that Monday morning funk away with some stylish stationery? We love this Very Brief Case (Rs 600) for stashing away those stacks of visiting cards that keep floating around like UFO’s in the office space and this uber cool Loudspeaker Pen Stand (Rs 500); perfect for dumping those evil critters that constantly roll off desks when you most need them.

Fun funky stationery corporate gift ideas

Image courtesy www.happilyunmarried.com

And there’s this too; super Diwali gift for that snide little office know-it-all *evil laughter*

quirky fun stylish corporate gifting ideas for Diwali

Image courtesy www,happilyunmarried.com; Rs 150 wonly!

Tech is an inevitable part of work life. It’s also a pretty cool thing to gift! And tech gifting never goes out of style! Check out this baby; a Portable Charger (Rs 7,750) that makes sure your Apple phone is never out of juice and with an awesome speaker to boot. And for those forever freezing in the office AC, these USB Heating Warmer Hand Gloves (apprx. Rs 600)  which keep those fingers warm while they type away with ease are the perfect way to say ‘Happy Diwali’!

Unique corporate gifting ideas for Diwali, for tech lovers

Image courtesy amazon.com

Remember those cheesy birthday cards you made when you were a kid? Turns out they’re a great corporate gifting option! Um, no we didn’t mean the scrawny stick figured ones you churned out as a seven year old. What we had in mind was more like this beautiful gift pack of 3D pop-up Diwali cards(Rs 300), to convey your Diwali message with a touch of sparkling class. A truly unique corporate gift idea, especially in situations where you may be unsure about the gifting etiquette. Remember, when in corporate gifting doubt, you can always card it!

creative unique corporate gifting cards for Diwali

Image courtesy Konkan Mart

Remember how your granny kept telling you that almonds are good for you? She was right. But an overdose of even the good stuff can totally kill the Diwali spirit. We’re thinking a sea of dry fruits, threatening to drown you. Yup, dry fruit boxes are a close runner up to mithai boxes in the boring Diwali gifts round up. How about you do something non dry fruit-y this year? An edible bouquet, perhaps? How about this luxurious and sinful bubbly delight (Rs 1,500) to show your employees or clients some Diwali love? Combining a melt-in-your mouth cake pop bouquet, hand-crafted like gorgeous flowers, with a keepsake golden bucket and a beverage of choice (no vino though!), you can’t go wrong with this one.

Oh and did we mention that everything at Con Affetto is baked-to-order and made in an egg free environment? Just adds the icing on the cake pop.

creative and unique corporate gifting idea. Try these edible bouquets today!

Pop and sparkle this Diwali with this unique gifting idea!

‘Tis the time of light and sparkles and Diwali décor is what everyone needs this time of the year. Style up your corporate gift baskets with these bee-yoo-tiful Ganesha diya plates (Rs 800) or this absolutely stunning pooja thali(Rs 2,000). Everyone loves a little extra Diwali bling! What’s more, your clients/ employees will send some special Diwali cheer your way each time they light a diya!

Unique and creative corporate gifting ideas. Stunning Diwali pooja thali

Image courtesy www.fabfurnish.com

We hope you’re feeling inspired to ring in the festivities with our creative corporate gifting ideas. Liked what you just read? Spread some love in the comments below! And don’t forget to watch this space for our next feature on corporate gifting; coming your way very soon!