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5 Handy Cake Decorating Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

What is a world without cake? And what is a cake without some scrummy decoration? Here at Con Affetto, baking is what makes our world go round! It also makes it taste divine and smell amazing;) So when we heard that 10th October was Cake Decorating Day, it had us so excited, we decided to go all out and celebrate and gift YOU something fun while we were at it! (You’re welcome!)

Learn these ingenious cake decorating hacks and become a pro

Welcome to Cake Decorating School :)

What we’re going to tell you will change the way you Pipe & Ice forever! So…ta-daaaa *drum roll*! Presenting, 5 awesome super simple and absolutely ingenious cake decorating hacks that will BLOW your mind!

1. Lace it up!

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

It looks pretty on dresses and can add a touch of glamour at tea time when its draped on your dining table, but did you know that lace works really well as a cake decoration hack? Yes you heard that right, and it does not get any simpler than this. All you need to do is place a piece of lace on your cake and sprinkle icing sugar through a sieve to get a super cool, fuss free, lacy pattern! You don’t even need any icing!

2. Get swirly…

A simple icing trick that will take your icing skills to the next level

Swirl around with ease with this simple icing hack!

Have you always been impressed with the swirly twirly icing professional bakers manage with such ease but have never been able to replicate it for yourself? We’ve got it sorted! All you need are two icing bags filled with different coloured frosting. Cut the tips and place them both in a larger icing bag and fit it with a tip. Your perfect, two toned swirly twirls of icing are ready to rock and roll that cake!

3. Join the dots

Get your cake icing just right with this clever icing hack

Bad handwriting? You can still ice it perfect!

Always had an issue with handwriting back in school and could never quite figure out what all that fuss was about cursive writing? Well, here’s a fun way to get your decorating fonts to look just perfect– on your cakes at least! Use a toothpick to dot the letters on your cake, then just connect the dots when you pipe for easy-peasy, perfect looking icing! This is a trick straight from the school days; remember join the dots?

4. Do something pop-tacular!

Place ready made lollipops or candy on cake for a simple and great looking cake decorating trick!

Create something pop-tacular with lollipops on cake!

If you read our last post on cake pops, you know we have a thing for these bite-sized, fun, pretties that take us straight back to our childhood lollipop whimsies. So it’s no surprise that we have a cake decorating trick that’s all about lollipops! Try this when you’re super rushed and have neither the time nor the patience for any elaborate cake decoration. Stick some store bought lollipops in a burst of colours along the edges of your cake and voilĂ ! A fun, colourful pop-on-cake ready in seconds!

A cool cake decorating hack that uses srinkles in a very creative way

Get wild with this ‘sprinkly’ creative hack!

Another super simple, yet favourite hack of ours involves sprinkles and cookie cutters. Place cookie cutters firmly on your cake and fill ’em up with sprinkles. Then gently remove the cookie cutter to get some sprinkly designs in as crazy an assortment of shapes as you like!

5. Get plastered!

A simple cake fondant smoothening hack

Plaster your way to perfection with this hack

Um, no, don’t reach for that bottle- just yet! Check out this cool plastering trick for a super looking cake first. So you’ve covered your cake with fondant and are feeling bummed because all those annoying little cracks are showing up? Worry not! Just bung in a few drops of water with your leftover icing, mix it all together to get a toothpaste-y consistency and plaster those cracks! Smooth into and over and your cake-with-a-fabulous-finish is set!

Have you got any tricks up your cake decorating sleeve? Share it with us this World Cake Decoration Day! Or, if you’re reading this, just say Hi! We’d love to hear from you :)