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7 Everyday Occasions When Cake Pops Come To The Rescue!

If you’ve been following this space for a while, you probably know that we kinda have a thing for cake pops, those adorb little bites of heaven that have created a frenzy on the dessert scene. And let’s face it, it’s hard not to fall utterly, head-over-heels in love with these little treats on a stick! Did you know that cake pops are super versatile and lend themselves beautifully to several #cake-pop moments that you simply must try? Read on for more!

1. When dessert boredom strikes and you’re looking for something funky to hit the sweet spot…

It’s been a long day; you’re totally stressed out and you need a quick sugar fix to get your mojo back but you don’t want another brownie or pastry! You need something that’s different; that’s fun; that’s not run of the mill…you need a cake pop! Combining the traditional sophistication of gourmet cakes with the fun quirkiness of lollipops, cake pops are designed to snap you out of those boring dessert blues!

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Stress busting balls have never been this gorgeous…or yum!

Try a signature Con Affetto ‘Have a Ball’ cake pop bouquet and watch all that stress melt away!

2. When you need a quick POP-me-up 😉

Picture one of these scenarios:

*It’s a long, boring afternoon at work and you desperately need something to get through a marathon meeting …gah!*

*It’s been an intense 90 minute sweat session in the gym and you’re looking for something fun to recharge your guns.*

*Manic middle of the day and you’re feeling peckish. Something light and quick that won’t weigh you down…*

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

For when you need (sweet) middle of the day inspiration!

Did something go POP in your head yet? We sure hope so, because ALL of the above are perfect cake pop pick-me-up occasions! These bite-sized handy desserts will melt in your mouth, giving you just the right amount of pop-me-up, yet without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much.

Bring back the sunshine into your life with our gorgeous ‘Hello Sunshine’ bouquet; we recommend our succulent red velvet cake pops, wrapped in golden sunshine!

3. When you’re hosting a fancy high tea

The girls are coming over for an evening of goss! You have the perfect finger food menu going; dainty cucumber sandwiches, mini kebabs, crusty quiches….and…you really don’t want an old fashioned tea cake but something funky to add a little…POP! Cake pops are oh SO perfect for afternoon teas, high teas and even for parties; they add a bite sized touch of glamour and deliciousness to any occasion.

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Add a dollop of oomph to your afternoon tea party!

Luxury, decadence, sin! Look no further than our Pop & Drink luxurious cake pop bouquet to add some bubble and fizz and plenty of oomph!

4. And the children just adore them!

If we’re talking parties, can kiddie birthdays be far behind? Yup, those occasions when you have a bunch of picky little eaters on hand and need goodies that are not boring and offer variety. Can you think of anything more fun than cake pops? With a winning combination like cake, chocolate and fun toppings that can be customised to themes from Minions to Disney Princesses, you have a sure shot winner with cake pops. (Psst: And they make for great additions to those goody bags too!)

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

Kids and cake pops, a love story made in dessert heaven ;)

Charm the young uns with our adorable Little Pearls edible bouquet; guaranteed to delight mums, mums-to-be and kids alike!

5. When you want to get into shape and are watching the calories…

You’ve worked your way through an hour of cardio and munched a healthy low cal lunch when BAM! Images of that gooey chocolate cake start swimming through your head and they Just. Won’t. Go. Away. But one slice of cake packs in a whole lotta calories and you may not have the willpower to stick to just one bite. Ta da! Superhero Cake Pop to the rescue! Perfect taste, perfect size- just what you need! Talk about having your cake pop and eating it too 😉

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly!

For the calorie conscious, cake pops are the perfect dessert option

The Ballerina cake pop bouquet: an ode to lovers; not just of beauty, but the arts and desserts as well 😉 A quick nibble won’t topple you off the fitness bandwagon and you can spread some joy by sharing the rest!

6. When you’re hunting for that last minute gift and want something hatke

It’s a special occasion and you’re looking for a gift but you want something funky, not the regular cake and flowers routine. With cake pops you’ve hit the sweet spot! With their heart stealing good looks, innovative designs and the smorgasbord of flavours and toppings, cake pops make for one unique gift that is not just guaranteed to wow, but that can also be tailored to suit the occasion– think football themed cake pops for the sports fan or GOT themed cake pops (yup, true story!) for lovers of the Thrones.

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Need the perfect gift? Look no further.

Need that perfect, unique, funky gift? Purple It Up with this creamy and decadent cake pop bouquet!

7. When you’re on the go and need that dessert fix

Whether it’s road trips or picnics, or even a busy day whizzing around town, with cake pops you’re always good to go. Cake pops are mess and fuss free by design; they are spill proof, don’t drip and are leak free. So get a box to go and bring on the travels!

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Cake pops to go…on the go!

Did you know that cake pops and road trips were a match made in (travel) heaven? Colour up those travels with this vibrant bunch of gorgeous edible blooms; bursting with colour and road trippin’ joy! 

Is your cake pop moment calling out to you yet? Hurry up and order one of our gorgeous cake pop bouquets today! 

Cake pops are super versatile desserts. Read about these cake pop occasions or cake pop moments when cake pops fit the dessert bill perfectly. And cake pops make for perfect gifts too.

Con Affetto’s Valentine’s Day Contest!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. Charles M. Schulz.

Valentine's Day contest at Con Affetto, enter to win a Con Affetto bouquet worth Rs 1,550!

Celebrating the season of loooove!

And what if you could have both? It’s one of our favourite times of the year again and we’re celebrating with a funky Valentine’s Day Contest here at Con Affetto! Coz what better way to celebrate the season of love than by spreading a whole lot of love (and chocolate!) around, right?!

Valentine's Day contest at Con Affetto, enter to win a Con Affetto bouquet worth Rs 1,550!

Get closer to your Valentine with our fab contest!

So gear up and get set for the dreamiest Valentine’s Day ever, coz we are SO going to make all your Valentine dreams come true this year!

Everyone has that image of the perfect Valentine’s Day with the love of their lives. It could be a picnic under the stars or breakfast in bed; lounging around in pajamas all day and ODing on Netflix….or an all out, extravagant gift that screams ROMANCE!

Valentine's Day contest at Con Affetto, enter to win a Con Affetto bouquet worth Rs 1,550!

Is a dreamy day at the beach your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day?

Well, whatever it is that makes YOUR heart go boom boom boom!, all you need to do this Valentine’s Day is tell us and we’re gonna make it happen! Yes, it really is that simple. Hooked, booked and ready to rock this V Day boat? Read on for our easy as pie contest rules below:

CONTEST! CONTEST! CONTEST! Con Affetto’s Valentine’s Day Contest! Be there or be square 😉

Step One:

Simble! ‘Like’ us on Facebook! Here we are!

Step Two: 

Check out our Valentine’s Day Contest on Facebook here and tell us YOUR idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Step Three: 

Simbler! We will pick the top TWO most fun, funky, quirky replies and announce them on our Facebook page on 10th February (mark that date!)

Step Four:

Now  for the fun part! For the two winners, we will convey YOUR idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day to your Valentine, so that he or she can go all out to turn that dreamy Valentine Day into reality come February 14! What’s more you and your Valentine get one complimentary bouquet of Valentine’s Special, our exclusive new cake pop bouquet worth Rs 1,550!

Funky gift ideas for her! Gorgeous edible bouquets from Con Affetto

Make it a swoon worthy Valentine with our exclusive new cake pop bouquet!

Step Five:

Bonus! Those lucky peeps will be featured on our blog as the Con Affetto Cutest Couple!

That’s it! And the contest starts….hey, wait! It’s happening already! So head over to the Con Affetto page on Facebook RIGHT NOW and join the party! It’s going to be a Valentine’s Day like no other with Con Affetto :)

*Contest is on in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida only *Contest will be on till February 10, 2016 *Winners will be chosen at the sole discretion of Con Affetto *The contest is not associated with Facebook in any way

Funky Gift Ideas For Her, This Valentine’s Day

Tick tock…tick tock… Gentlemen, we hope you have your eyes on the clock! It’s 2nd February and that day is looming on the horizon…You know which day we mean, right? The day when the love of your life would like to feel a little extra special, a little more pampered than usual and would like to be reminded of how she really IS the only one for you. You guessed right…Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and we hope you’ve got your game plan ready, guys!

Check out our funky gift ideas for the special girl in your life

The season of LOVE is back :)

And because we know just how important (and how challenging!) it is to make every Valentine’s Day memorable & meaningful for the love of your life, this Valentine’s Day we have a special V Day launch just for all you awesome guys. Yes, you heard that right! Presenting an exclusive new Con Affetto launch….wait for it….*DRUM ROLL*…

The Valentine’s Special Cake Pop Bouquet: An Exclusive, All New Con Affetto Launch!

Funky gift ideas for her! Gorgeous edible bouquets from Con Affetto

Make it a swoon worthy Valentine with our exclusive new cake pop bouquet!

Remember, you heard it here first! Valentine’s Special: a gorgeous and absolutely swoon worthy arrangement of crimson red and sunshine-y yellow flowers playing peek-a-boo with the most scrumptious cake pops your taste buds would have the good fortune of letting melt all over ’em…sigh! So quit Googling the best online flower and cake delivery options in your city this Valentine’s Day and gift your gal this delightful little taste of spring encased in cake pop velvet, instead. And then sit back and watch all those regular, boring flower bouquets wilt in comparison (and envy 😉 ). Bonus: You get to share some of these droolsome treats with your girl, while the other guys, erm, get to watch their flowers wilt *evil laughter*

Our fabulous new Valentine’s Special bouquet will feature on our website real soon; in the meantime feel free to drool all over our other scrummylicious bouquets 😉

Check out our funky gift ideas for the special girl in your life. Edible bouquets are a great gifting option for Valentines Day!

Your special someone will be spoilt for choice with our gorgeous edible bouquets!

And while we’re talking ways to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable and meaningful day for your girl, here are some of our specially curated, funky gift ideas for her, that will make her fall in love with you- all over again! Whether your girl is the mushy sort or the ‘I care two hoots about Valentine’s Day’ cynic, our funky gift ideas for her, oozing with romance, will be sure to blow her away this V-Day. After all no girl is immune to true blue romance, especially when it’s straight from the heart and comes with a quirky twist! Read on:

1. A ‘Book of Love’….written by YOU!

Funky gift ideas for her! A personalized book of love

Write your way into her heart this Valentine’s Day… (Image Courtesy: Uncommon Goods, link below)

Want her to know how your love for her will go on for eternity? Capture those emotions in words that will last forever, by penning a book for her! Before you break out in a sweat, check out this sweet little book from Uncommon Goods that takes all your deepest sentiments and cutesy moments and translates them into words for your love…in the most effortless, fun way possible! Yup you’re on your way to best-selling author land all right and you sure will write your way into the heart of your very special reader!

2. A funky gift for her to prove your love can be priceless…

Funky gift ideas for her! A personalized wallet insert

Your love is…priceless! (Image Courtesy:

Money can’t buy love right? Yeah, but it sure can act as a reminder of your love…right in your lady love’s wallet! This quirky yet ultra romantic metal wallet insert- with your personalized image and message- will remind her of how priceless your love truly is, each time she whips out her wallet. Yup, there are some things that money can’t buy, and this gift will work as a constant reminder of that :)

3. Tareekh pe tareekh!

Funky gift ideas for her! A personalized wall calendar

All those dates…easy as pie 😉 (Image Courtesy: Vistaprint, link below)

Does your girl often crib about how you never remember the day you first met, or when you first kissed, or when you proposed to her, or when she first told you what you mean to her, or when…gaaah! Is your head spinning already? We don’t blame you… remembering all those dates can be CRAZY, but that’s exactly what some girls expect you to do! Now, don’t just remember all those dates, set them down in stone (um, print) with these fantabulous personalized calendars from Vistaprint. You don’t just get to customize every month of the year with cutesy pics of the two of you, you can put every goddamn date in there- from your first gift to her to the first kiss and make up after the first fight 😉 Now all you have to do is get all the info on all those dates from your girl (yup, girls remember everything) without her guessing why!

4. Put a ring on it…

Funky gift ideas for her! A personalized initial ring in sterling silver, rose filled gold or gold

Put a ring on it! (Image Courtesy:

The two of you together, forever? Sealed with a kiss, and engraved in gold? Put a ring on it, guys! This bee-yoo-tiful two initial ring in sterling silver or gold, will do just that. You can put in your girl’s birthstone and a special message from you to go with it as well. Trust us, this is one ring she won’t want to take off anytime soon!

We hope our funky gift ideas for her have you feeling inspired, gentlemen! Your love may be timeless but time, tide, Valentine’s Day wait for none…the countdown to V-Day has begun so take your pick and get going already!

For more inspiration check our some of our other super cool and oh so romantic ideas here!

Cookie Bouquets: Baked Blooms of Joy!

A cookie a day…keeps sadness away!”

We’re not quite sure who said that, but it was probably someone who loves cookies as much as we do! Cookies sure have come a long way back from the early days when they were used as “cake testers”. Yup, back in the day bakers used cookies or “small cakes” to test the oven with small amounts of cake batter before baking the entire cake- that’s how the concept of a cookie first originated! From back then,  to becoming many things to many people- a favourite dessert, an any time snack, great for on-the-go, chai’s favourite companion; cookies are here, there and loved everywhere! It’s no surprise then that enterprising bakers and lovers of edible bouquets soon came up with the concept of “cookie bouquets”. Cookie bouquets celebrate the coming together of two much loved and popular gifts, flowers and cookies and elevate them to a totally different, way funkier level!

Cookie bouquets are unique, creative and funky bouquets and make for a personalized gifting option

Gift a cookie bouquet and see the ‘cookie bouquet effect’ for yourself! Cookie Bouquet by Con Affetto

The original concept of cookie bouquets is often credited to Gwen Willhite, founder of Cookies By Design. From the first edible arrangements of custom shaped and hand decorated sugar and cinnamon brown sugar cookies on sticks arranged in baskets, cookie bouquets have come a long way. Today, from the baking and design to the decoration, cookie bouquets can be uniquely personalized to the recipient and occasion at hand. Here’s a fun look at how this deliciously delightful concept comes together:

Step 1: Choose your cookie!

Pick a cookie! Which one will it be?

Pick a cookie! Which one will it be?

Wanna go with the classic sugar cookie? Or is the snickerdoodle cookie more your style? Give it a twist with peanut butter cookies? Or chocolate chip cookies for lovers of chocolate? When you’re done with the flavour, pick your shape of choice. Will it be a heart shaped cookie or a balloon shaped one? Or would you rather go for stars, bunnies or tiara shaped cookies? Take your pick- if you can get your head around the dizzy assortment of choices, that is!

Step 2: Style your cookie!

Become a cookie designer for a day! Styling cookies is an art!

Become a cookie designer for a day! Styling cookies is an art!

Choices, choices! Style your cookie with icing, frosting, sprinkles, candy melts, drizzle or dip in chocolate- you can’t go wrong with chocolate & cookies ;)…or just go for a hand painted cookie! After all nothing says “I care” better than a freshly baked, warm from the oven, customized hand decorated cookie.

Step 3: Pick your cookie accessories!

Shopping for cookie accessories has never been more fun ;)

Shopping for cookie accessories has never been more fun ;)

Coz’ when you’re talking cookies, the more the merrier! That’s right, with cookie bouquets you get to accessorize your cookies too. What would you rather pick to accompany your cookies? From chocolate dipped crispy pretzels, melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows to an assortment of candies and chocolates, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Step 4: Put together your cookie bouquet!

Cookie bouquets are unique, creative and funky bouquets and make for a personalized gifting option

Put it together for awesomeness! Your Cookie Bouquet is ready! Bro Bouquets by Con Affetto

Yup, you guessed it right- more choices! Select the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement for your cookie bouquet. From traditional bouquets wrapped in confetti kissed cellophane to boutrays (bouquets+ trays!) to gift baskets to personalized containers; you can personalize your cookie bouquet arrangement whichever way you like.

With their versatility and chic style, cookie bouquets make for the perfect gift for just about anybody. And whether its a new baby announcement; a wedding gift basket, a special anniversary or a just because occasion (yup, it sure IS a legit occasion 😉 ) cookie bouquets make the cut everywhere! So the next time you’re thinking of gifting someone a regular flower bouquet (B.O.R.I.N.G. Besides, what a waste of those pretty blooms!); or searching for a flower and cake delivery option (could you possible be any more BLAH?), think outta the box- think cookie bouquets!

Here are some of our favourite cookie bouquets to give you that added inspiration 😉

Emoji Cookie Bouquets!

Cookie bouquets are unique, creative and funky bouquets and make for a personalized gifting option

Feeling emojional? 😉 Gift an Emoji Cookie Bouquet! (Image Courtesy: Cookies By Design)

If you love Emojis, you gotta love these Emoji Cookie Bouquets! The newest entrant on the cookie bouquet block, Emoji Bouquets are the perfect way to express yourself when you’re feeling particularly emojional;)

Sporty Cookie Bouquets

Cookie bouquets are unique, creative and funky bouquets and make for a personalized gifting option

The perfect bouquet for those sporty occasions! (Image Courtesy: Cookie Bouquets)

Perfect for the sports stars in the family, these ‘Have A Ball’ cookie bouquets are sure to score and win hearts all around!

Get Well Soon Cookie Bouquets

Cookie bouquets are unique, creative and funky bouquets and make for a personalized gifting option

A Cookie way to feel better! Get Well Soon Cookie Bouquets! (Image Courtesy: Shari’s Berries)

We’re all abuzz about this cute as a bumble bee Get Well Soon cookie bouquet! With its warm cheery buzz, it’s sure to help with the getting better process!

Unique; funky; personalized to the ‘cookie’ 😉 , do we even need a reason to gift someone these delightfully delicious cookie blooms? So, which cookie bouquet will it be for you today? :)


Edible Bouquets: What Makes Them Rock!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Edible bouquets with the Con Affetto tag will make a regular flower bouquet pale in comparison

A rose by any other name…?Not if it’s from a Con Affetto bouquet!

Well, what if Shakespeare were wrong? Impossible, you say? What if we were to tell you about a bouquet created with rich, moist cake…soft as butter and dipped in the finest chocolate with a promise of melting on your lips? We can bet even Shakespeare would be drooling at that! And he sure would agree that a rose with the Con Affetto name is a million times yummier 😉

Edible bouquets bring together the perfect union of gourmet baked products and the alluring good looks of a flower bouquet

Melt in your mouth gourmet bakes inspired by the beauty of flowers; visions of heaven are guaranteed!

Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers just as much as any gal. And which gal wouldn’t love getting a bursting bouquet of gorgeous blooms? But what happens after that initial heady rush? Those very same blooms begin to wilt and fade away, and eventually end up as trash. And that just made us kinda sad. It also made us sit up and think…

What if you could get a bouquet with blooms just as gorgeous, but that wouldn’t need to be trashed? What if they could smell as great, look as gorgeous….and taste divine!

Eureka! And that’s how Con Affetto came to be. The finest creations, inspired by nature and designed to make mortals go weak at the knees! Anyone who’s bitten into one of our sinful delights will tell you it was love at first taste.

Our edible bouquets range from cake pop bouquets, cookie bouquets, cup cake bouquets to cakesickles, cake truffles nd the works

LOVE! At first bite 😉 Dip into our red velvet cake pops bathed in dark chocolate or our classic vanilla petit bites in swathes of milk chocolate

Has to be be, when you marry the sophistication and taste of gourmet baked treats in all their layered, frosted delight with the sheer beauty of flowers and when the union looks something like this!

One of our edible bouquets is the gorgeous and yummy cupcake bouquet

What looks better? Our gorgeous cupcake bouquet or exotic packaging it’s encased in?

Talk about gifting something unique, meaningful and oh-so-delicious! We don’t like to brag but even the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers cannot compete with our soft, moist, rich edible delights that will explode on your taste buds in a burst of decadence.

Do you really need to think again next time you’re looking for, say…maybe an online flower delivery to your special someone? Here are a few more reasons why an edible bouquet beats a regular flower bouquet any day:

No gender discrimination;)

So you Googled the best online flower delivery option and had their finest (and most expensive!) bouquet delivered to your love. That lush bunch of flowers may have HER swooning, but can you say the same for HIM? Last we heard, flowers aren’t really that big a deal with the guys (some of our guy pals even confessed that they think being gifted flowers is kinda embarrassing- not macho enough, no?)! No such problem with our edible bouquets once they unwrap the packaging and start discovering the scrumptious delights that lie within!

One of our edible bouquets is the cookie bouquet with an assortment of cookies, pretzels, marshmallows

Think we’re only about chocolate? Our cookie bouquet brings you a dizzy assortment of vanilla butter cookies, sugar cookies, pretzels and marshmallows ….swooon!

Maintenance…say what?

Remember the last flower bouquet you were gifted? What did you do once you’d finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over it? Trimmed the stems, put it in fresh water and changed the water daily, most likely. Only to see those pretties wilt away and end up in the trash eventually. Edible bouquets? Receive. Ooh and aah! Unwrap. Eat. Bask in the blissful memories…and taste! And say ta ta to maintenance!

Edible bouquets are better than regular flower bouquets in that they require zero maintenance

Drop dead gorgeous and oh so low maintenance!


Just in case we didn’t say it enough;) Our edible bouquets taste like they’ve been concocted by the Gods of Chocolate themselves, right up there in the divine chocolaterie….lip smacking drool-icious! Now you’ll just have to taste one and see for yourself! And if you’re wondering about the variety you’ll get into a tizzy trying to pick just one from our giddy assortment of cookie bouquets, cup cake bouquets, handcrafted cake pops, cake truffles or cakesickles!

Our edible bouquets come in a wide assortment of products and flavours

Cookie bouquets; cup cake bouquets, cake truffles, cakesickles…we’ll have you spoilt for choice!

The perfect gift for just about anyone…

Forget about frantically searching for the best online flower delivery option and then trying to pair it with a cake or maybe chocolates thrown in for good measure. With an edible bouquet you have the perfect package tailored for you: gourmet baked products that look even better than flowers and presented in a way that will make the most gorgeous bouquet pale in comparison. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further!

Edible bouquets look gorgeous and taste even better!

Fall in love with our gorgeous bunches of edible blooms :)

So in case you’re still thinking about a traditional flower bouquet as your go to delivery gift option, think again! Let the flowers bloom we say, and gift an edible bouquet instead!