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Baking Supplies in Delhi: Con Affetto’s Ultimate Guide!

Good things come to those who bake! We totally agree but you also need good things to bake with, and to bake in! And in a city like Delhi, it can be a tad difficult to find your way around the bake space, especially when it comes to sourcing all those baking supplies. Well, we’re changing all that with our ultimate guide to baking supplies in Delhi. Take a read through and we assure you, ALL your baking requirements will be sorted!

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

The ULTIMATE guide for Delhi home bakers is here!

Of sugar sprinkled roses, frosting ice…ganache, fondant and all things nice!

Great baking has a lot to do with the right ingredients and to get those you need to know where to go. Here are some of our go-to places for getting the basics (and the not-so-basics!) of baking supplies in Delhi.

The Culinary and Cake Decorating School (CCDS)

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

At CCDS life really can be all about roses…in fondant and frosting!

Jelly roll pans. Ready to use gumpaste. White vanilla fondant. Whipped cream mix. Sounds like a baking haven? Well, when you step into CCDS, it’s a dream come true for your inner bakerista! From cake decorating tools and equipment to edibles and supplies, CCDS has all your baking needs- and then some- covered. Cherry on the cake? They stock brands right from KitchenAid and Kenwood to Nigella Lawson, Patchwork Cutters and Batter Buddies. And they now have their own online store as well, so all your baking supplies are just a click away!

Where: A-13, Okhla Estate Marg, Near Crowne Plaza Hotel, DDA Shed, Okhla Phase II and other locations

Modern Bazaar

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Your basic baking ingredients covered, at Delhi’s Modern Bazaar

This is our go-to store for all the ingredient basics. If you’re thinking flour, eggs, sugar, ready mixes, frosting, food colouring and the likes, Modern Bazaar will have you covered. You’re sure to get what you’re looking for- or at the very least, a close substitute- right here. Their outlets in Vasant Vihar and DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon have an extensive stock of various baking supplies. Bonus Tip: The Modern Bazaar outlets in Vasant Vihar and DLF stock blocks of fresh yeast that you can store at home and use as you please! They also stock the usually hard-to-find egg white powder and wheat gluten.

Where: 15, Community Centre, New Friends Colony and other locations


Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

All the chocolate stuff a Delhi home baker needs at Pigmento!

This one is for the chocoholic bakers among us. If you’re thinking chocolate compounds, cocoa, all sorts of chocolate fillings and even stuff like fondant, Pigmento is the place for you. They have an enviable array of raw materials; perfect for baking and chocolate making, as well as a variety of bakeware.

Where: Shop No. 21, Birbal Road, Jangpura Extension, Jangpura

Chandanmal Kanhaiyalal

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Everything you need for cake decorating at Chandanmal Kanhaiyalal, Delhi

A trip up the stairs of the Community Centre in Karkardooma leads you to a rather dingy looking, small-ish shop. An unlikely place to qualify as a  baker’s haven, you’d think. But you’d be wrong! This little store is loaded to the gills and more with baking supplies that’ll BLOW your mind. Edible printing sheets, pastry sprinkles and beads, edible glitter (we like!), tubs of satin ice rolled fondant, macaroon baking sheets, moulds of all sorts, a range of baking equipment are just some of the things you’ll find here!

Where: 201, United Plaza, Second Floor, Community Centre, Opposite Karkardooma Metro Station, Karkardooma

Food Decor Shop

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Make your cakes look pretty with supplies from the Food Decor Shop

This pretty little store in Lajpat Nagar totally lives up to its name! If you’re thinking food decoration, the Food Decor Shop will inspire you! The store goes well beyond the basic baking ingredients and equipment (which it also stocks) and offers you a mind boggling array of food colours (in liquid, powder, gel, marking pens!), sparkles, butterflies, sugar balls, pearl confetti, cake tops, cake moulds, cookie boxes….sigh! We’re in bakerista heaven already! Bonus Tip: They also stock a range of ‘Belgium Flavours’- take your pick from Pan Masala, Raw Mango or Cola, to name a few.

Where: B 218, Krishna Market, Lajpat Nagar 1

Baker Solutions

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

The best of cake decoration at Baker Solutions, Delhi

Are you one of those fancy schmancy home bakers who luuurve edible sugar bunnies atop your cakes? Fancy sprinkles, perhaps? Baker Solutions is where you gotta go! From edible sugar accessories, all sorts of sprinkles, metallic sugar beads, frosting tubes to fancy cakes boxes and cupcake holders, Baker Solutions has ’em all.

Find them here:

The Batter House

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

B’bye last minute trips to the dairy! Hello, whipping cream powder @ Batter House, Delhi!

Have you ever been half way through baking a scrummylicious chocolate cake, only to find that you’ve run out of whipping cream? Well you can forget all about rushed last minute cake shopping trips once you discover The Batter House. They even stock- hold your breathwhipping cream powder– which you can store in your very own home. Yipppeee! Not to mention other baking ingredients and baking tools.

Find them here:

Some of Delhi’s famed markets: a haven for home bakers!

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Delhi’s Old Market is a haven for home bakers! Get your pick of baking supplies here

Delhi’s Old Market deserves a mention of its own with its multitude of stores where you can find what you need, and sometimes even what you thought you wouldn’t find in your wildest dreams (Yup, it’s happened to us!).  One of our most visited haunts is the quaint little lane behind Novelty Cinema with a bunch of shops lined up in a row. Now these little shops may not be much to look at, but take a closer look and it’s a market lane straight out of one of Enid Blyton’s faraway, magical lands! For here, you will find a bunch of shops that sell only bars of chocolate. Right next to another little bunch that sells only confetti. Yup, no kidding! Take a trip here and you’ll find everything from flour, cocoa, confetti, flavours, essences, chocolate bars to the latest in baking equipment. INA Market in Delhi is another treasure trove for chocolate lovers; here you will find brands like Calebaut, Selbourne, Morde as well as great quality almond meal, dry fruits, candied peel, whole spices and a variety of soft cheese. Then there is also Sadar Bazaar in Old Delhi; go here for packaging material and stuff like moulds and cupcake liners. Oh, and did we mention that these are wholesale markets so everything you buy will be at super competitive rates, making it well worth the trip here? Other worthy mentions: National Food Products at Daryagunj where you get all sorts of cheese from local to imported and SP Mukherjee Marg near Sadar Bazar with another line of shops selling cooking chocolate, flavorings et al.

We’ve listed some of our absolute faves above, but for many of the basic baking supplies in Delhi, you can also check out your friendly neighbourhood Big Bazaar, Needs or gourmet stores like Le Marche and Nature’s Basket. Fab India outlets have some hidden gems too; e.g. their organic vanilla beans which we totally dig and they stock sachets of vanilla powder too. Then there are also bakeries like Gourmet Affaire’s in GK II which, although not a baking supplies store, will be happy to help you out with a cake tin or liquid color or an edible sugar decoration. And for our dairy needs, there are the good ‘ol Mother Dairy outlets whose buttermilk we swear by!

And on to tins and pans to bung all those bakes in…

When we’ve shopped to our heart’s content for the baking staples, here is where we head to for all our bakeware:

Matchless Machine Tools

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

A treasure trove of baking equipment at Matchless Machine Tools, Old Delhi Market

The days of begging friends and relatives flying in from abroad to cart a muffin tray or cookie punches may be over, with several stores now offering bakeware right here, but it’s always a pleasure to find a veritable treasure trove of all the baking tins and pans you could possibly need under one roof. Which is where MMT comes in with its collection of anything you might ever need to bake in! Baking tins in every conceivable size, cookie cutters, dessert rings, icing sets…you’ll find them all here.

Where: 1730/B, Bazaar Lal Kuan

Cake Craft Store

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Cake crafting with a lil help from the Cake Craft Store

If you’ve ever dreamed of crafting that perfectly intricate icing rose atop your freshly baked cake; the Cake Craft Store should be your first stop. They stock a variety of crafting tools, rolling pins, silicon onlays, texture mats, cupcake liners, edible photo prints….gasp! We could go on and on, so why not head there and check it out for yourself?

Where: H 101, Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok I, Gurgaon

Bharat Crockery Corner

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

All the bakeware you’ll ever need at the Bharat Crockery Store, Delhi

Next time you’re in the mood for some baking, but find your kitchen lacking a tad in the bakeware section, hop on to the metro! Hop off again at the INA Metro station and head straight into Bharat Crockery Corner, right opposite the metro exit. Here you’ll find mini bundt pans, tart pans, scalloped edge cutters, pie plates, jumbo muffin pans, those bright and cheerful silicon baking trays and much more from their very impressive collection.

Where: 197, INA Market, Opp Dilli Haat

Butler Mart

Resource guide for baking supplies in Delhi

Ice your way to perfection with the baking tools and icing knives at Butler Mart, Delhi

Head here for your pick of palette knives, icing knives, baking dishes of every size, cake holders, serving plates and a variety of electrical appliances.

Where: Lajpat Nagar

There are also stores like Osaba (Vasant Vihar), The Home Store, Tarini (GK and DLF Phase 4), Croma and Lifestyle for standard bakeware. And there’s old Delhi market again, with its cornucopia of shops. There are quite a few around the Matchless Machine Tools area, as well as the trusty Sheel Pans in Rajouri Gardens, where you get all sorts of baking pans and tools.

Is there a store in Delhi YOU swear by for your baking supplies? Tell us and we’ll add it to our list! And don’t forget to watch this space for more resource guides on all things baking!

10 Must Have Baking Essentials Every Home Baker Needs

The must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes a stand mixer and many other must have baking tools

Are you a passionate weekend baker, secretly waiting for Friday night so you can slip into those oven mitts and get up close and personal with your latest recipe of snickerdoodle cookies? Or maybe you bake multiple times a week and always have a triple batch of cookie dough resting in the fridge and a cinnamonny smell wafting through your kitchen. Or maybe…you love baking and have been planning to do it for a while but you don’t quite know where to begin. Well, whether you’re a home baking pro or an amateur, the following should be on your must-read list:

10 Must Have Baking Essentials Every Home Baker Needs!

1. A heavy duty stand mixer

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes a stand mixer.

A stand mixer is your baking BFF! Image Courtesy:

Do you have a BFF? If you do, you’ll know what we mean when we say that a stand mixer is going to be your BFF in the kitchen if you’re serious about baking. A reliable, trusty workhorse, a stand mixer is exactly what you need whether you’re thinking cookies, cakes, breads, pizza dough…or pretty much any sort of dough you’ll need to get baking! And that’s precisely why it makes it to the top of our list of must have baking essentials every home baker needs. The artisan stand mixers from KitchenAid make for a great investment for the serious home baker.

2. The right spatulas

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes a spatula

That perfect pizza crust needs some trusty spatulas to get it right…

Scraping. Mixing. Smoothing. Frosting and loosening. Holding and lifting. You’ll be doing all or most of these when you get baking and as you’ll see, a set of good quality spatulas will come in handy- quite literally!

3. Measuring cups and spoons

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes measuring cups and spoons

Measure ’em right!

Be exact.” This is one of the most common pieces of advice you get when you start baking. Baking is a science and needs exact, precise measurements. Handling all that flour and milk and sugar and butter ain’t easy! And unless you’re a robot or a computer, you’re going to need them measuring cups and spoons.

4. Baking Sheets & Parchment Paper

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes baking sheets and parchment paper

Good quality baking sheets are an essential investment for the serious home baker

Ever baked the perfect batch of cookies only to have them ruined at the last minute because the baking sheet warped or burned? Trust us you don’t want that to happen to you. Preempt any such potential baking disasters by investing in good quality baking sheets.

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5. Oven thermometer

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes an oven thermometer

Nobody wants a ‘scorcher’ coming out of their oven!

No list of must have baking essentials every home baker needs can be complete without this particular item. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: all ovens are slightly off, temperature wise and- like with all things baking- you need to be exact when it comes to getting that temperature right. Any one who’s longed to bake that perfect cake and gotten the perfect scorcher (ouch!) outta the oven instead will agree!

6. Mixing bowls

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes mixing bowls

For all that mixing!

It seems kind of obvious but you’ll be amazed at the scrapes many first timers get into because they don’t have a basic set of mixing bowls in place. Our list will make sure you’re not one of them! With a set of mixing bowls across various sizes, you’ll be all set for all that measuring, holding, scraping and mixing.

7. Cooling racks

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes cooling racks

Coz even cakes and cookies need some chillin’ ;)

Ping! The sound you’ve been waiting for- the oven timer goes off! You pace around restlessly allowing for the standing time the recipe stated and then bring out that tray of gorgeous double chocolate chip cookies. But wait! You’re going to have to wait for them to cool before you can start scarfing them down- cooling is an integral part of the baking process, it adds to the firmness and texture and helps air circulate around your freshly baked goodies. This is where cooling racks come in handy.

8. Whisks

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes whisks

Creaming, blending, mixing, folding…call for whisks!

Whisking, beating, blending, mixing, creaming…just some of the many joys of baking! But these can get kinda messy without those magical whisks; plus whisks add volume and froth to foods and are integral to developing that perfect cake batter. A must have investment for a smart home baker.

9. Cake pans

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes baking pans

But what is a cake without the perfect pan?

Ever had to bake in a casserole or pan that was totally the wrong shape because you didn’t have the right cake pan and ended with a great tasting but miserably misshapen cake you were too embarrassed to show anyone? Cake pans. The first step to getting that awesome cake looking as good as it deserves to. Check out the fab collection of baking trays here and guess what? They have a sale on too, right now! Sweet!

10. Rolling pin

Must have baking essentials every home baker needs includes a rolling pin

Roll, roll, roll that pin…gently down the dough!

One that you like getting your hands on and getting down and messy with. Make sure you get one that is wide enough to cover the width of the dough or icing you’ll be working with. And if you do a lot of cake decorating, it might make sense to also invest in a mini-pin for more intricate work.

So there you have it! Your go-to list of must have baking essentials every home baker needs. Are there any must haves you think we should have on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

How to Make Marzipan: A Con Affetto Tutorial

Sweet, creamy mountains of honey smooth marzipan with just the right crunch of almonds…mmmm! The festive season may be over (for now!) but as you can see, we are still feeling kinda marzipan-ny! Besides, it was Marzipan Day  yesterday! Marzipan, also called almond candy dough, is a paste made of almonds, sugar, corn syrup and water (it may sometimes contain egg whites as well, though this version has to be used carefully for food safety reasons).

Niederegger Marzipan is probably the most famous marzipan in the world! It is made in the historic town of Lübeck, Germany, which is world famous for its marzipan.”

Lubeck, Germany also known as Marzipan City!

Lubeck, Germany also known as Marzipan City!

Marzipan is most commonly used to decorate cakes or confections- though we like to munch our way through it candy-like too! 😉 It can also be dyed with different colours and used to decorate cakes and desserts. Remember those adorable little animals and figurines perched atop fancy cakes? Marzipan!

Learn how to make marzipan with our step by step tutorial! Our easy to follow guide will tell you all you need to know about this handy dessert must have.

Move over Play Doh, you can’t beat marzipan when it comes to fancy cake models!

“At the Niederegger Marzipan factory in Lübeck, there is a life sized display of statues made from marzipan!”

Given its versatility and very attractive good looks ( anyone who’s fallen in love at first sight with a perfectly marzipan-ned cake knows what we’re talking about!), marzipan is a handy ingredient to have around the home baker’s kitchen. And it’s even better if it’s home made marzipan! And guess what? It’s pretty easy to make marzipan, on your own!

Learn how to make marzipan with our step by step tutorial! Our easy to follow guide will tell you all you need to know about this handy dessert must have.

Love at first sight with this gorgeously marzipan-ned cake!

“Did you know? Though Marzipan is often associated with Germany and Italy, its roots are in the Orient!”

Love your marzipan but clueless about how to whip up a batch? Worry not; just read our easy to follow tutorial on how to make marzipan below. You are guaranteed to marzipan your way into several cake loving hearts with our scrumptious marzipan recipe!

Learn how to make marzipan with our step by step tutorial! Our easy to follow guide will tell you all you need to know about this handy dessert must have.

Your home made marzipan is ready! Dig in and enjoy!

Learn how to make marzipan with our step by step tutorial! Our easy to follow guide will tell you all you need to know about this handy dessert must have.


Loved this recipe? Have any marizpan or cake decorating recipes of your own that you’d like to share? Write to us!

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How To Bake The Perfect Brownie: 8 Must Know Hacks!

Chewy… Fudgy… Dense… Moist…

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie will ensure soul satisfying brownies every time

Chewy…fudgy…chocolicious! What’s your brownie type?

We sure take our brownies seriously here at Con Affetto! We even match our brownies to personality type 😉 Dense brownies for the serious sort; crumbly brownies for the soft-hearted, there’s always the perfect brownie for everyone! And whether it’s a chocolate hug in a mug at the end of a long day or much needed comfort food at the beginning of a difficult one; you can always count on a brownie to bail you out. So it always helps if you know how to bake your brownie just right. Here are some super simple hacks that’ll help you bake the perfect brownie every time!

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie will ensure soul satisfying brownies

Brownies are the ultimate comfort food!

#1: Make up your mind

Is it a fudgy brownie you want or a cake-y one? Blondies more your style? Decide what you want before you get baking, and choose your recipe carefully because every different sort of brownie requires a different mix and proportion of ingredients.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie will ensure your brownies are baked to perfection

To bake the perfect brownie you need the perfect recipe!

#2: To bake the perfect brownie you need the perfect eggs…

And by perfect we mean eggs at room temperature. Cold eggs don’t mix well and just make for unhappy, too-dense brownies (perfect for the office grouch maybe 😉 ). So get your eggs out of the fridge at least a half hour before baking.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownies will turn you into a baking pro

Egg-ther you have it or you don’t!

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#3: Be gentle with the flour!

When it comes to folding in the flour, if you’re gonna heave it all together what you’ll get are thick, chewy brownies. So be gentle and don’t over stir. An easy trick is to fold the flour in till a few streaks are showing and leave it at that.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, be gentle with the flour

A little gentleness with your flour will go a long way to brownie baking perfection!

#4: How hot is your oven?

Clueless? Invest in an oven thermometer and you are well on your way to brownie baking perfection. Most ovens are off temperature-wise and when it comes to baking, even a few degrees can be the difference between the perfect brownie and a tasteless blob!

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, invest in an oven thermometer

An oven thermometer is a great investment for serious home bakers

#5: To bake the perfect brownie timing is EVERYTHING

Yes it is. Time it right and you’ll have soul satisfyingly delicious brownies popping out of your oven Every.Single.Time.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, timing is everything

Watch that clock!

#6: Don’t wait till the end to check on your brownies

Check on your brownies at least 5 minutes before the time stated in your recipe. This is because when you’re baking from a recipe, there will be a lot of variables you’re working with: oven heating, type of pan etc. And like we said earlier, when it comes to baking, even an extra minute or two can make a difference.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, check on your brownies 5 minutes before the recipe time

You’ll have happy brownies popping out of your oven in no time ;)

#7: Happy pans make happy brownies!

Light-coloured, shiny pans conduct heat more evenly as opposed to dark-coloured or glass pans which can cause the edges to over bake or burn. Choose your pans carefully, bake your brownies in the center of the oven and don’t put them in until the oven is preheated.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, get the right bake ware

Your bake ware is an essential ingredient too!

#8: Work the lining

Use greased parchment paper or wax paper to line your pan and leave an overhang on the sides to create handles. When your brownies have cooled, use the handles to gently lift out your brownies.

Our top 8 hacks to bake the perfect brownie, don't forget to line it right

Add the final touches with the right lining, your perfectly baked brownies are almost done!

And lastly, when you’re done baking your gooey perfection, give them some time to cool, before you dig in! Trust us, the texture and flavour of your brownies is SO much better when cooled. Do YOU have any pro tips when it comes to baking the perfect brownie?  The most funky & helpful tips stand a chance to get featured on the blog- so TELL US already! :)

5 Handy Cake Decorating Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

What is a world without cake? And what is a cake without some scrummy decoration? Here at Con Affetto, baking is what makes our world go round! It also makes it taste divine and smell amazing;) So when we heard that 10th October was Cake Decorating Day, it had us so excited, we decided to go all out and celebrate and gift YOU something fun while we were at it! (You’re welcome!)

Learn these ingenious cake decorating hacks and become a pro

Welcome to Cake Decorating School :)

What we’re going to tell you will change the way you Pipe & Ice forever! So…ta-daaaa *drum roll*! Presenting, 5 awesome super simple and absolutely ingenious cake decorating hacks that will BLOW your mind!

1. Lace it up!

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

It looks pretty on dresses and can add a touch of glamour at tea time when its draped on your dining table, but did you know that lace works really well as a cake decoration hack? Yes you heard that right, and it does not get any simpler than this. All you need to do is place a piece of lace on your cake and sprinkle icing sugar through a sieve to get a super cool, fuss free, lacy pattern! You don’t even need any icing!

2. Get swirly…

A simple icing trick that will take your icing skills to the next level

Swirl around with ease with this simple icing hack!

Have you always been impressed with the swirly twirly icing professional bakers manage with such ease but have never been able to replicate it for yourself? We’ve got it sorted! All you need are two icing bags filled with different coloured frosting. Cut the tips and place them both in a larger icing bag and fit it with a tip. Your perfect, two toned swirly twirls of icing are ready to rock and roll that cake!

3. Join the dots

Get your cake icing just right with this clever icing hack

Bad handwriting? You can still ice it perfect!

Always had an issue with handwriting back in school and could never quite figure out what all that fuss was about cursive writing? Well, here’s a fun way to get your decorating fonts to look just perfect– on your cakes at least! Use a toothpick to dot the letters on your cake, then just connect the dots when you pipe for easy-peasy, perfect looking icing! This is a trick straight from the school days; remember join the dots?

4. Do something pop-tacular!

Place ready made lollipops or candy on cake for a simple and great looking cake decorating trick!

Create something pop-tacular with lollipops on cake!

If you read our last post on cake pops, you know we have a thing for these bite-sized, fun, pretties that take us straight back to our childhood lollipop whimsies. So it’s no surprise that we have a cake decorating trick that’s all about lollipops! Try this when you’re super rushed and have neither the time nor the patience for any elaborate cake decoration. Stick some store bought lollipops in a burst of colours along the edges of your cake and voilà! A fun, colourful pop-on-cake ready in seconds!

A cool cake decorating hack that uses srinkles in a very creative way

Get wild with this ‘sprinkly’ creative hack!

Another super simple, yet favourite hack of ours involves sprinkles and cookie cutters. Place cookie cutters firmly on your cake and fill ’em up with sprinkles. Then gently remove the cookie cutter to get some sprinkly designs in as crazy an assortment of shapes as you like!

5. Get plastered!

A simple cake fondant smoothening hack

Plaster your way to perfection with this hack

Um, no, don’t reach for that bottle- just yet! Check out this cool plastering trick for a super looking cake first. So you’ve covered your cake with fondant and are feeling bummed because all those annoying little cracks are showing up? Worry not! Just bung in a few drops of water with your leftover icing, mix it all together to get a toothpaste-y consistency and plaster those cracks! Smooth into and over and your cake-with-a-fabulous-finish is set!

Have you got any tricks up your cake decorating sleeve? Share it with us this World Cake Decoration Day! Or, if you’re reading this, just say Hi! We’d love to hear from you :)