Con Affetto Love: Featuring Shehla Meezan

Trends Forecaster. Hunter of fashion and tech moments. Travel Photographer…”

Hooked? We don’t blame you! That’s how she describes herself on social media and she had us hooked…and lined and sinkered! Speaking of getting hooked at first sight, in this particular case it worked both ways 😉 The lady in question saw us on Instagram and was intrigued. It was the beginning of a long and beautiful association that we honour and cherish till date, with her going on to become one of our most frequent, valued and need we say- most charismatic Con Affettistas! *Con Affettista (n, female; male:Con Affettisto): Someone totally cool who crushes on Con Affetto and possibly, fell in love with us at first sight* 😉

Okay, we bet the suspense is killing you now, so we’re going to bring her centre stage right away! Introducing Shehla Meezan, all of the above and SO much more and we are so honoured and delighted to have her sharing this space with us today!

Without any further ado, in conversation with Shehla Meezan…

In conversation with Shehla Meezan, creative director, trends forecaster, valued Con Affetto client

Featuring Shehla Meezan

Welcome to the blog Shehla! We’d love, love, LOVE to know a little more about you!

Happy to be here :) I’m a trends forecaster and amateur photographer, turned creative director to an online fashion company. Born to travel, I’ve been all over the globe and currently call New Delhi my home.

You’re a fabulous trends forecaster with a keen sense of the global fashion industry. Tell us a little about your journey?

Well, I did my schooling at Sanskriti School in Delhi, followed by undergrad at NIFT where I studied Fashion & Textiles. I then did a specialization in Creative Pattern Cutting from London College of Fashion.

What have been your biggest challenges and achievements so far? Personal and professional…

In conversation with Shehla Meezan, creative director, trends forecaster, valued Con Affetto client

A world traveller…Shehla’s going places!

My biggest achievements while growing up were to work with the best designers around the world from Delhi to London to New York. After that I have come to creating from ground up, a new age fashion portal online. Personally, my family has granted me so much independence that I have traveled around the world by myself, from a young age of 7 years. It’s a great experience when you meet new people and discover new cultures, makes me forever hungry to try out new things.

Your family sounds incredibly supportive. Can you tell us a little more about them?

My family has rarely managed to stay together; it’s either my father or me or my sister who are always on the move, my mother is the one who keeps us rooted. So when we all do get together, every once in a few months, we try and make the best of it. Our entire family is spread across the globe, so when we all come together it’s like a whole festival!

In conversation with Shehla Meezan, creative director, trends forecaster, valued Con Affetto client


That sounds like so much fun :) Families and festivals always remind us of gifting! What’s your take on gifting?

I like to give people what I would like to get, in terms of value. Anything new and unique makes one feel special, and that is something I aim for every time.

We agree :) Okay, one last question. You’ve been a valued Con Affetto client for some time now. So…*blush blush*…what’s your take on us?

In conversation with Shehla Meezan, creative director, trends forecaster, valued Con Affetto client

Yup, it’s love at first sight with our gorgeous, blooming arrangements alright :)

I came across the beautiful gifting style you at Con Affetto have, on Instagram. So unique and so delightful, you can outshine any bouquet of flowers or box of imported chocolates even! Your popular flavours keep you trendy. All my close ones have expressed their delight especially about this unique present and always have so many compliments for you’ll. Your special attention (customer care pre and post delivery) is always a pleasant surprise and so very welcome in today’s Indian service industry. I can’t wait for you to begin nation wide delivery, I have so many people to surprise with your unique idea of Con Affetto.

Thanks SO much Shehla, for joining us on the blog today! We wish you all the very best in all your future endeavors; in fashion, gifting, travel and all of the fantabulous things that we’re sure lie ahead for you!

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