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Edible Bouquets: What Makes Them Rock!

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

Edible bouquets with the Con Affetto tag will make a regular flower bouquet pale in comparison

A rose by any other name…?Not if it’s from a Con Affetto bouquet!

Well, what if Shakespeare were wrong? Impossible, you say? What if we were to tell you about a bouquet created with rich, moist cake…soft as butter and dipped in the finest chocolate with a promise of melting on your lips? We can bet even Shakespeare would be drooling at that! And he sure would agree that a rose with the Con Affetto name is a million times yummier πŸ˜‰

Edible bouquets bring together the perfect union of gourmet baked products and the alluring good looks of a flower bouquet

Melt in your mouth gourmet bakes inspired by the beauty of flowers; visions of heaven are guaranteed!

Don’t get us wrong, we love flowers just as much as any gal. And which gal wouldn’t love getting a bursting bouquet of gorgeous blooms? But what happens after that initial heady rush? Those very same blooms begin to wilt and fade away, and eventually end up as trash. And that just made us kinda sad. It also made us sit up and think…

What if you could get a bouquet with blooms just as gorgeous, but that wouldn’t need to be trashed? What if they could smell as great, look as gorgeous….and taste divine!

Eureka! And that’s how Con Affetto came to be. The finest creations, inspired by nature and designed to make mortals go weak at the knees! Anyone who’s bitten into one of our sinful delights will tell you it was love at first taste.

Our edible bouquets range from cake pop bouquets, cookie bouquets, cup cake bouquets to cakesickles, cake truffles nd the works

LOVE! At first bite πŸ˜‰ Dip into our red velvet cake pops bathed in dark chocolate or our classic vanilla petit bites in swathes of milk chocolate

Has to be be, when you marry the sophistication and taste of gourmet baked treats in all their layered, frosted delight with the sheer beauty of flowers and when the union looks something like this!

One of our edible bouquets is the gorgeous and yummy cupcake bouquet

What looks better? Our gorgeous cupcake bouquet or exotic packaging it’s encased in?

Talk about gifting something unique, meaningful and oh-so-delicious! We don’t like to brag but even the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers cannot compete with our soft, moist, rich edible delights that will explode on your taste buds in a burst of decadence.

Do you really need to think again next time you’re looking for, say…maybe an online flower delivery to your special someone? Here are a few more reasons why an edible bouquet beats a regular flower bouquet any day:

No gender discrimination;)

So you Googled the best online flower delivery option and had their finest (and most expensive!) bouquet delivered to your love. That lush bunch of flowers may have HER swooning, but can you say the same for HIM? Last we heard, flowers aren’t really that big a deal with the guys (some of our guy pals even confessed that they think being gifted flowers is kinda embarrassing- not macho enough, no?)! No such problem with our edible bouquets once they unwrap the packaging and start discovering the scrumptious delights that lie within!

One of our edible bouquets is the cookie bouquet with an assortment of cookies, pretzels, marshmallows

Think we’re only about chocolate? Our cookie bouquet brings you a dizzy assortment of vanilla butter cookies, sugar cookies, pretzels and marshmallows ….swooon!

Maintenance…say what?

Remember the last flower bouquet you were gifted? What did you do once you’d finished ooh-ing and aah-ing over it? Trimmed the stems, put it in fresh water and changed the water daily, most likely. Only to see those pretties wilt away and end up in the trash eventually. Edible bouquets? Receive. Ooh and aah! Unwrap. Eat. Bask in the blissful memories…and taste! And say ta ta to maintenance!

Edible bouquets are better than regular flower bouquets in that they require zero maintenance

Drop dead gorgeous and oh so low maintenance!


Just in case we didn’t say it enough;) Our edible bouquets taste like they’ve been concocted by the Gods of Chocolate themselves, right up there in the divine chocolaterie….lip smacking drool-icious! Now you’ll just have to taste one and see for yourself! And if you’re wondering about the variety you’ll get into a tizzy trying to pick just one from our giddy assortment of cookie bouquets, cup cake bouquets, handcrafted cake pops, cake truffles or cakesickles!

Our edible bouquets come in a wide assortment of products and flavours

Cookie bouquets; cup cake bouquets, cake truffles, cakesickles…we’ll have you spoilt for choice!

The perfect gift for just about anyone…

Forget about frantically searching for the best online flower delivery option and then trying to pair it with a cake or maybe chocolates thrown in for good measure. With an edible bouquet you have the perfect package tailored for you: gourmet baked products that look even better than flowers and presented in a way that will make the most gorgeous bouquet pale in comparison. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further!

Edible bouquets look gorgeous and taste even better!

Fall in love with our gorgeous bunches of edible blooms :)

So in case you’re still thinking about a traditional flower bouquet as your go to delivery gift option, think again! Let the flowers bloom we say, and gift an edible bouquet instead!

15 Surprising Benefits of Being in a Romantic Relationship

We hope this post finds you savouring the after-taste of a fantabulous festive season! We also hope you remember a little contest we ran here a couple of weeks ago. 21 days to be precise. :) Yes, we are talking about the 21 Day Challenge to Romance Your Wife! Now we didn’t exactly get a response from you guys (yes, we know you’re out there reading- say hi will ya πŸ˜‰ ) but we’re guessing it’s because you’re too…um, busy. But we do want you to know that there are some surprising benefits of being in a romantic relationship. So those 15 minutes we’d asked you to invest each day, actually translate into 15 tangible good-for-you’s! Curious? Read on!

1. Being in a romantic relationship amps up those feel good chemicals

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is the release of feel good chemicals in your brain

Get those feel good chems soaring!

Think dopamine and testosterone! One of the many benefits of being in a romantic relationship, especially one that is long term and committed, is the boosting of these feel good chemicals that are seriously good for your well being.

2. You live longer

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is that you live longer

You’ll live to see so many golden sunsets together!

No kidding! Numerous studies have found that married men live longer than men who never married or those whose marriages ended. And it doesn’t stop there, they also tend to have better lifestyles and fitness levels. Just think about all the good those 15 minutes can do for ya!

3. You also get rich!

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is that you accumulate more wealth over time

Good for your heart…and your credit card ;)

And we are backed by research here, which shows that married people accumulate more wealth over time compared to singles or divorced people. Good news for you and your credit card, huh?

4. One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship = less stress

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is less stress

You and your heart are in very good (and stress free) hands!

Guess what? Having a special someone in your life has an overall calming effect that’s good for you. One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is lower cortisol levels (or the stress hormone) which can protect you from the harmful effects of stress.

5. You get to max your free time

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is that you get to have a go to partner in your free time always by your side

Chill out…with someone special, always by your side

You may enjoy your alone time, but let’s face it, it’s so much more fun to be around someone you love during your spare time. Whether it’s fun, leisure, hobbies or just plain ‘ol hanging out, being in a romantic relationship means you have a 24/7 go-to partner for whatever it is you want to do in your free time!

6. You have an in-built emotional support system

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is that you have an in built emotional support system

An emotional support system like no other

While women are more likely to have numerous people they can turn to for emotional support, men tend to rely more solely on their partners. Which is why being in a romantic relationship can mean an awesome emotional support system, in turn boosting psychological health benefits.

7. You have fewer mental health issues

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is that you have fewer mental health issues

Holding your hand through sickness and health…

Yeah, we know what you’re thinking. You wife drives you crazy sometimes! But on a serious note, one of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is significantly fewer mental health problems like depression, anxiety and mood disorders. That would be fifteen minutes well worth the effort, eh? πŸ˜‰

8. Being in a romantic relationship means less pain…

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is less pain

Love hurts? Quite the opposite in fact!

Does love hurt? That may be the popular notion, but in reality one of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is being better able to cope with physical pain as well as faster healing, as proven by numerous research studies.

9….and long term happiness

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is long term happiness

Raise a toast to happiness…forever!

Romantic relationships can be a lot like wine, in that they get better as you age:) There is evidence that being in a romantic relationship, especially one that is long term is a big happiness booster and promotes feelings of contentment and emotional security.

10. Another one of those surprising benefits of being in a romantic relationship? It lowers your BP!

One of the benefits of being in a long term relationship is it's good for your blood pressure

Know what else? It’s good for your BP!

The evidence is out there; being in a romantic relationship is good for your blood pressure! It has to be a happy, committed relationship to make the cut, but of course.

11. You get fewer colds

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is better immunity to colds and flus

Even better than adrak chai ;)

Think we’re crazy? Listen to this: being in a romantic relationship can reduce stress, anxiety and depression and up positive emotions, giving your immune system a natural boost and leaving you fighting fit to battle those nasty cold viruses. Nothing to sneeze at!

12. It isΒ great for your self perception!

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is it's great for your self perception

No need for an ego boost, you’ve got it made!

It’s simple, being with someone who loves you, makes you feel good about yourself. And over a period of time you internalize your partner’s positive judgements of you.

13. You pick up on each other’s good habits

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is you pick up on each others good habits

You can piggyback on each others good habits!

The company you keep can also be good for your health:) Being in a romantic relationship translates into picking up each other’s good habits, whether it’s being more conscientious about money or visiting the dentist regularly.

14. You build a lifetime memory bank

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is a lifetime of shared memories

A lifetime of memories to cherish…together

One of the great parts of building a life together is the wonderful memories and shared experiences you can look back on together with time. These not just promote happiness but can also act as tools for personal and relationship growth.

15. You have a personal cheerleader!

One of the benefits of being in a romantic relationship is you have someone constantly cheering you on and catching you when you fall

You get to have your very own cheerleader!

Someone who constantly reassures you, knows you intimately, can be a best friend-guide-cum critic and not just that, can correct your mistakes and biases as a result of knowing you over a period of time. As the song goes, it cannot get better than this!

So there you have it! 15 great reasons to invest those 15 minutes each day. So even if we don’t hear from you (but we’d really, really like to!) we’re hoping you do invest that time to get the most out of your relationship with your partner.

5 Life Skills You Learn When You Have an Elder Brother

They can be incredibly sweet…and shockingly sour; heartbreakingly cute…and irritatingly sticky! Yup, elder brothers are a lot like candy! But whether they’re making you go ‘awwwww’ and turning you into a pile of mush (in a good way!) or making you tear your hair out in frustration (like literally!); one thing you gotta admit, you do end up learning a lot thanks to them. Its Bhai Dooj week and we’ve been musing about the unique bond between sisters and their big brothers :) One thing’s for sure, there are a few inevitable life skills you will learn (whether you like it or not!) if you have an elder brother:

Life skill you learn when you have an elder brother #1: How to grow a verrry thick skin

β€œGirls are disgusting…and you’re the worst of the lot!” β€œYou’re $#@#$$ (insert choice of adjective: ugly/ stinky/ fat/ a pile of poop)!” If you have an elder brother, you’ve been there, heard that. From being teased mercilessly, to being picked on endlessly, the favourite butt of all his (totally crass) jokes is you!

A life skill you will learn with an elder brother is how to take all sorts of teasing in your stride

You’re his FAVOURITE! The favourite butt of his jokes that is ;)

What this teaches you is priceless: how to grow a very thick skin and get on with the program. Sensitive cry baby you certainly are not and you got big bro to thank for that; as a bonus you also develop a very high threshold for tolerating terrible jokes!

Life skill you learn when you have an elder brother #2: How to be a tough cookie

Those wrestling matches that were an integral part of your childhood? The ones you always lost because big bro was well, bigger and stronger? They may have ended in tears at the time but they’ve gone a long way in making you toughen up. You learn to stay strong and won’t give up easily; well not without a fight at least!

An elder brother will teach you how to be physically stronger even if it is the hard way

He’s gonna toughen you up!

And hey, all that wrestling did teach you how to pull a few punches, both literally and figuratively!

Life skill you learn when you have an elder brother #3: How to skate (or dance) circles around bosses and bullies

Elder brothers are bossy. And bullies. Period. Okay, so they may not always be bossy or bullying the daylights out of you but more often than not they will. It’s ingrained in their DNA. Elder brother, remember? With elder being the operative word. And boy, do they take that seriously!

An elder brother will teach you how to handle bullying and bossing later in life as well

A different kind of Big Boss!

So what’re you gonna do? You’ll just have to learn how to live with it! And that’s going to come in incredibly handy later in life when you have to deal with bullies, which you will.

Life skill you learn when you have an elder brother #4: You’ll have a better understanding of them creatures from Mars πŸ˜‰

Yeah, even your stinky brother is going to grow up into a real (pun intended) man someday. And since you have no choice but to grow up together, spending all that time with him is going to teach you some invaluable life lessons about men in general.

An elder brother will teach you how to understand men better

Big Bro 101: A lifelong understanding of men

Like how they get less gross with time (or at least learn how to cover it up better), the best ways to communicate with them (even with a TV and video games competing with you) and how they can sometimes really get you. Mucho helpful when you deal with men later in life, trust us!

Life skill you learn when you have an elder brother #5: You learn that no matter what, someone always has your back

He might hold his nose when you walk past, always make fun of your hair and you’ll never be cool enough to hang out with him and his friends. But at the end of the day, this guy loves you (he does, he does!) and you know that no matter what he will always have your back– just watch out for that kick he’s aiming at your butt!

An elder brother will be there for you no matter what

He’ll always have your back!

When push comes to shove, you can depend on him and he will bail you out. Just be prepared to endure the never ending lecture about ‘how he told you so’ for the rest of your life!

Got any stories about your infuriating, crazy, yet totally endearing big bro? Tell us! And don’t forget to pick out a bro bouquet for him this Bhai Dooj, coz like they say, in the cookies of life, brothers are the chocolate chips :)

5 Diwali Dessert Recipes With A Twist!

Who doesn’t love a good twist in the tale? From Bollywod fusion hip hop to a little Mexican fusion in our Indian khaana, we want something hatke (a little like us πŸ˜‰ after all we are all about unique and quirky gift ideas)! So can Diwali dessert recipes be far behind? β€œWe’re bored of the same old laddoos and barfis every year!” is a common complaint come Diwali; leading to a spate of traditional Diwali recipes getting all sorts of funky makeovers. The result is melt in your mouth Diwali delights; your traditional Diwali dessert recipes in a never seen before avatar! We decided to make your Diwali preps a little easier this year by putting some of these awesome Diwali dessert recipes for you in one easy to find place! Think of it as our Diwali gift to you πŸ˜‰

Drool-worthy Diwali Dessert Recipes: Rangoli Macarons!

Step aside French macarons; our desi version of Rangoli Macarons are so much more drool worthy! These buttery little bites of perfection will transport you straight to a lazy Parisian afternoon. Whip up these delicate velvety pastries with this easy basic French macaron recipe and go for gold with some creative gold decoration on the macarons for that added festive touch!

Traditional Diwali dessert recipe with a twist Rangoli Macarons with gold decoration

Go for gold with these Rangoli Macarons! Image Credit:

Get some golden piping inspiration here to pipe it right! These delights will not just go splendidly with your afternoon chai, they also make for a fabulous (and very unique) Diwali gift!

Biscuit Barfi: Diwali Dessert Recipes for the bachhas!

Diwali calls for something traditional like barfi but the kids prefer Oreo pops! Never the twain shall meet? Well, never say never is our motto! Presenting a finger licking biscuit barfi recipe that will have not just the kids, but the grown ups licking their fingers too!

Traditional Diwali dessert recipes with a twist Diwali Biscuit Barfi

Charm kids and adults alike with this delightful Diwali Biscuit Barfi

We love using this recipe with Oreos (satisfy that totally legit Oreo craving while you’re at it πŸ˜‰ and oh! watch this space for the scrummilicious Oreo Pops we’re going to be dishing out soon at Con Affetto) and having some fun with the toppings as well- think coconut sprinkles or candy melts! This is one recipe the kids can help you with too.

Decorated Diwali Dessert Recipes: Colourful Cookies!

It’s the festive season and if you’re like us and lurrrve mehndi, here’s a fun way to have your mehndi and eat it too! Yes, you heard that right! Mehndi is not just for the hands as you’ll see with these fantabulous henna inspired sugar cookies.

Diwali dessert recipes mehndi or henna inspired cookies

Get some mehndi…on your cookies! Image Credit:

All you’ll need is a batch of freshly baked sugar cookies (mmmm bliss!), some royal icing and then let your henna themed dreams take over the decoration! And when you can’t get enough of the diyas and the phooljhadis– ice them! Let your imagination run riot as you conjure up some delicious Diwali themed cookies!

Traditional Diwali dessert recipes with a twist Diwali themed sugar cookies

The Con Affetto version of pretty diyas and sparkly phooljhadis

Little girls will adore this Diwali dessert recipe…the making and the eating!

Diwali Dessert Recipe for a festive Diwali breakfast…

Diwali morning…the colourful hues of rangoli, the fragrance of ubtan, the preparation for Diwali pooja….but what’s for breakfast? The last thing you want to rack your brains over is wondering what to cook! But at the same time…its Diwali! How about a sumptous Diwali breakfast fit for kings and with the perfect festive touch too! Presenting a boondi and rabdi stuffed pancakes Diwali breakfast (brought to you by the Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, no less!).

Traditional Diwali dessert recipes with a twist boondi and rabdi stuffed pancakes

A Diwali breakfast fit for royalty!

Just don’t blame us if you’re too stuffed to do much else for the rest of Diwali day after gorging on this treat πŸ˜‰

Decadent Diwali Dessert Recipes: Cupcakes with a twist!

So the kids are going all Marie Antoinette on you and clamouring for cake? But cakes are for Christmas, who eats cake for Diwali?! You will, with these perfect for Diwali Gulkand Cupcakes with a delicate hint of cardamom! Let the kids eat cake and give a rose-alicious nod to tradition while you’re at it! Don’t forget to watch this space for some rosy treats coming your way- our paan gulkand cake truffles are launching soon!

Traditional Diwali dessert recipes with a twist Gulkand cupcakes

Rose-alicious! Gulkand Cupcakes at Diwali

Drooling already? Here’s to loads of blissful baking ahead! And if you have any funky Diwali dessert recipes you’d like to share with us, write in! A really hatke recipe may even get featured on our blog!