5 Ultra Romantic Gift Ideas for Karva Chauth

Moonlight…candles….romance…and….the grumbling in her tummy 😉 Yes, Karva Chauth is round the corner and while it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic festivals, it’s also one of the toughest- just ask the hungry gal who’s been fasting for you all day! Why not make her Karva Chauth extra special this year with some delectably romantic gift ideas? As SRK would say, this Karva Chauth….come, make her fall in love with you all over again!

1. Let her experience bliss…

A romantic gift idea for Karva Chauth would be to gift her a spa session

Get her mind off the hunger pangs with some spa style bliss!

…at the spa! Karva Chauth is on a Friday this year, so after a long week, a trip to the spa is just what the (love) doctor would recommend! What better way to get her mind off those hunger pangs than with some exotic massages which will take her to instant bliss! Whisk her away from work (or wherever she is) a little earlier and drive her to the spa where you’ve pre-booked a romantic special just for her. Scented candles, music, dim lights…you get the drift! Even better, join her for a couples spa session; a fab way to amp up the bonding and the romance.

2. Cook her a meal

A romantic gift idea for Karva Chauth is to cook her a romantic dinner

The way to HER heart can be through her tummy too- specially after a full day of fasting!

Sounds clichéd? Dude, this is THE single most romantic thing you can do for your ladylove. And you’ll have her eating out of your hands- quite literally! If you are a good cook anyway (lucky her!), use those skills to whip up a culinary storm that will have her floored. Can’t even boil an egg, forget about cooking?  Check out these incredibly romantic dinners anyone can cook. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, hop over to your nearest gourmet store and pick up a ready-to-cook meal kit. Now all you need to do is follow some very basic instructions and bring on the romance! We can’t think of a better way to show her how much she means to you-can you?

3. Check in…

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to take a mini hotel getaway in your city

Getaway for a day of decadence!

Take a day out of your busy schedules and check into a day of decadence …in your very own city! Several city hotels offer romantic gift packages; options tailored for a quick getaway without having to plan an elaborate vacation. Spring it on her as a surprise; pack her things (and yours!) and drive her to your destination without letting her in on the plan till you get there. There’s nothing more romantic- or fun- than an unexpected mini vacay! And we did mention that Karva Chauth is on a Friday didn’t we? All the more reason to extend your getaway into a weekend of romance!

4. Follow the clock….

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to give her a gift every hour all day long

Fill her day with love…and gifts!

….tick tock, tick tock….Um, no, we didn’t mean gifting her a watch (duh! BORING!). We were talking about another one of our super romantic gift ideas (ahem!); give her a gift EVERY hour, hour on hour, for the ENTIRE day! Let her awaken to a room filled with her favorite music (or balloons!), followed by a personalized pamper kit just as she heads into the shower (we’re thinking some delicious scented Cocoa Body Butter from the Body Shop, her favourite perfume, a peppermint foot scrub….sigh), a love jar hand delivered to her with romantic little scribbles from you, an essential oil aroma dispenser to scent up the rest of her day, a bundle of joy which is so gorgeous looking, she can feast her eyes on it all day- and share with you after dinner ;), a relaxing foot massage (home delivered!) when the long day is just beginning to get to her….and all the other creative options you can think of for in between!

5. Get someone to shoot her…

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to gift her a professional couples photo shoot

Shoot the hunger! With a couples photo shoot of course ;)

….a photographer, we mean! First, pre-book a care package at her favourite salon. Then, just when she’s looking and feeling her best and thinking this is the most romantic gift idea ever, spring the real deal on her- a romantic photo shoot for the two of you with a professional photographer! Then cozy up and… click click!

We’re feeling so moony-eyed we’re hoping our significant others read this too and get inspired! If YOU liked our ideas, spread some love and share or tweet this to your friends; you might just make someone’s Karva Chauth a li’l extra special :)

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