Anatomy of a Cake Pop

Close your eyes and imagine a burst of delicious decadence melting over your taste buds. Dense, sweet, soft, just the right bit of moist, crumbly…could it be… cake?

But wait! It’s also cool…almost crisp, smooth, an explosion of fun…and it’s on a stick!

So…it’s a lollipop, right?

Cake…Lollipop…Confused? Don’t be! Say hello to the newest entrant on the desert scene: the CAKE POP!

Combining the best of two delightful worlds, cake pops marry the traditional sophistication of a tea time cake with the fun quirkiness of lollipops.

Cake pops are the perfect treat for birthdays; stylish and bite sized fun!

Cake pops make for stylish, bite-sized birthday treats

So how did cake pops come to be in the first place? They have a really interesting and totally yummy history! Cake pops evolved from cake balls which originated to make something out of leftover, potentially stale cake. So you would have all this scrummy leftover cake, crumbed and rolled into balls with icing or other binding ingredient and then coated with chocolate or some other sweet exterior (much like donuts). A fabulous way of creating something awesome out of leftover cake!

Cake balls was where it all began, they evolved into the cake pop as we know it

Cake balls led to the evolution of cake pops

Cake balls became so popular that bakers began making them from scratch; without waiting for the leftover cake that needed to be salvaged. This then led to that light bulb moment: why not put a cake ball on a stick? And voilà! The cake pop, as we know and relish it, was born! And then, the well known cake pop Queen herself, Bakerella (also known as Angie Dudley), really put the spotlight on cake pops with her delightful, spectacular creations and before you could say ‘POP!’ cake pops were popping up all over the world from home chefs, to bakeries to Starbucks, which now serves cake pops in a variety of flavours!

So let’s dig right into one of these scrummy-licious creations and see what really goes into the making of a very basic cake pop- layer by delicious layer. For a detailed Con Affetto special recipe, watch this space; we have something pop-tacular coming your way SOON!

What is a cake pop made of exactly? We take it apart for you, layer by layer.

Absolutely swoon-some aren’t they? What’s more, you can use your creativity and personalize your cake pops as you wish. Go ahead and experiment with cake flavours, or, if the fancy strikes you, play around with a variety of ice cream sundae like toppings. Don’t be afraid to throw a bit of your personality into them as well; from Harry Potter pops to Disney princess pops, cake pops are popping up pretty much everywhere! They make a stylish alternative at theme based events; think bride and groom themed cake pops at weddings or pink and blue baby pops, just perfect for a baby shower! Take a look at these 27 insanely clever cake pops you won’t believe exist! Kim Kardashian cake pops anyone?

From weddings to baby showers, cake pops make the perfect go-to dessert

Bride and groom themed cake pops for a pop-tacular wedding!

The great thing about cake pops is that they are a versatile, go-to dessert. They make the perfect bite sized offering for adults at an afternoon tea, are a fun, insanely popular option with kids at birthday parties and make a stylish alternative at formal events or for corporate gifting.

Cake pops are a stylish, bite sized, go-to dessert of choice suitable for any occassion

Bite sized, versatile, stylish; cake pops are THE go-to dessert!

This bite-sized, handy dessert is also great for the weight conscious; it lets you have the best ever combination of cake and a melt-in-your-mouth topping without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much. What’s more cake pops look absolutely fantabulous! All you need to do is make sure there are enough to go around; they’re so delicious that they do tend to have a tendency to POP into thin air and vanish!

Have you eaten one of these incredibly yummy delights? Or, is there anything more you’re craving to know about these yummies-on-a-stick? We are waiting to hear from YOU!

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