10 Things Your Boyfriend is Thinking, But Will Never Tell You

Did you know that 3rd October is ‘World Boyfriends Day’? Yeah, there really is a day dedicated to those special guys in our lives; the ones that make us go weak in the knees and sometimes want to bop them on the head a little! Surprised? We bet you’d be even more so if you could get into your guy’s head and take a sneak peek at all the things he’s secretly thinking but will NEVER tell you!

Your boyfriend has secrets you know nothing about

Is there something he isn’t telling you?

1. He does notice that extra weight…

Yes he does. No matter how good he is at reassuring you that he loves you exactly the way you are, when you pile on the pounds, you can bet he’s noticed every extra gram. He’d just rather watch a skyscraper being whitewashed than ever admit it to you.

2. He does NOT want to hang out with your family that often

Couple time

Sometime he just wants to hang out with YOU!

Yes, he thinks your dad is really funny too and he loves your mom’s home-made cinnamon loaf. But sometimes couple time with just the two of you is what he prefers. (And he does have a slight complex when it comes to your dad, even if he’s turning blue denying it!)

3. He’s as clueless as you are…

So the air conditioner’s been acting up and you’ve turned to him for help? Sure, he’s got his whole super dude act going as he nonchalantly goes about fixing it (he’s secretly Googling ‘how do you fix a bloody AC?’ on his phone), but the truth is he has NO idea. Zilch. Unless you really are dating super dude (well done, you!).

4. Your cooking? Um…

That lasagna you slaved over last time he came over? Blech. But it disappeared without a trace, you say? Now you know why your dog mysteriously took ill. Oh, and don’t even bother trying to compete with his mom’s laddoos. They will always be the world’s best. So there.

His mom's cooking will always be better than yours

Mom’s laddoos are the BEST

5. He does not want to talk

He needs you to shut up

Is she ever going to shut up?

He’s never going to tell you to zip it, but honestly? He does not want to discuss, analyze and stress over everything from the bitchy new girl in your office team (he secretly thinks she’s cute) to your love hate relationship with his best friend.

6. He hates some of your clothes

He hates some of your clothes!

He hates what you’re wearing!

That old favourite grey tee you wear whenever you’re feeling low? The one you’ve had since high school? He secretly wants it in the garbage dump. Yes, he did say you look SO cute in it. He was lying. He’ll take the black sheath dress any day.

7. Your BFF? Well…

She’s your rock, your support system, your 3am pal…you can’t imagine life without her! He knows that too, which is why he’s never going to tell you that he can’t stand the sight of her. That irritating, interfering, know-it-all…

8. He likes to vegetate on the couch more than you know it

That happening new club that’s opening? The weekend movie plan with friends? The marathon coming up in three months you want to train for? All he wants to do is drape himself on the couch and go into a coma. With you beside him to cuddle, of course.

9. He needs his ME time

With his friends. In their man cave. Watching mindless cricket, eating greasy food straight out of the boxes they came in (plates? Ha!) and drinking enough beer to flood a village. And no, you’re not exactly wanted there.

10. He feels insecure too

About your relationship. About the future. About that hot new Zumba instructor you been WhatsApping a little too often, in his opinion.

Celebrate World Boyfriends Day with your guy

Make him feel special this World Boyfriends Day

But for all the silly, stupid, DUMB things he does, he does make your world go round doesn’t he? And for all his bravado and macho exterior, he can be a little lost boy too sometimes. So show him a little extra TLC this Boyfriends Day-just don’t cook that lasagna again!

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