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Con Affetto’s 21 Day Challenge to Romance Your Wife

Okay, we KNOW what you’re thinking! You’ve taken one look at the title and you think this is one of those smarmy articles magazines spew at you ever so often. Romance your wife with flowers, chocolates, take her out on a date yada yada yada… Hey, don’t you know us better by now? We’re all about the fun and the funky here, we’d never give you that boring tripe 😉 But we do have romance on our minds coz its Karva Chauth today, the day to honour the love and commitment between you and your lady love.

Romance your wife with Con Affetto's 21 Day Romance Your Wife Challenge

We’ve got romance on our minds!

What better way to celebrate your beautiful bond than by committing to amplify the romance in your relationship? Because lets face it, when you’ve been together a while, its easy to get jaded. There are a gazillion thing to take care of in all our turbo charged lives and romance is typically the first thing to fall by the wayside, no? NO! We’re here to change all that with our 21 Day Challenge to Romance Your Wife (just call us the Love Gurus, guys 😉 )! Think you’re up for it? Read on!

Step 1: Set up a meeting

Yes we’re still talking about you and your wife, we’re not going all heavy duty office on you here! Confused? Don’t be! Just set aside fifteen minutes every day, whatever time works for you, to sit down with your wife and talk. Ask her how her day was, what’s new, what was the best thing that happened to her all day. Focus on the conversation and on really listening to her. Just fifteen minutes everyday. So go on and schedule your meeting!

Romance your wife by taking time out to talk to her everyday

All you need are 15 minutes everyday

Step 2: Go tech free

Ok, this one is a toughie. Remember that fifteen minute meeting we told you about just now? Well, in case you were thinking you could talk to your wife while texting your boss, checking all the latest goss on your FB account with the TV droning on in the background…NADA. You gotta switch all of that OFF. Make it a totally tech free zone, and once you’ve gotten used to all of the peace and quiet, go sit with your wife. And leave your phone behind!

Romance your wife with tech free time spent with her daily

Mobile phones NOT allowed!

Step 3: Focus

That razor sharp focus you are renowned for at work? Your wife needs some of that too! No, that doesn’t mean you start giving her appraisals, we just need you to focus on her and ONLY her for the fifteen minutes you’re going to be spending together. So if you have kids, maids, pets and any other unidentified objects floating around the house, capable of distracting you, make sure they’re all out of the way. Also, tell your wife about your meeting well in advance so she’s free too. Hey, its only fifteen minutes– you CAN do it!

Romance your wife by really focusing on her and listening to her

When she talks, LISTEN

Step 4: Keep it a conflict free zone

Um, yeah, so just in case you were planning on telling her how you hated last night’s dinner, so could she please just fire that cook already; or how you think the kids really could do with some extra Math coaching…sorry! This is NOT the time and place for that. Yeah, we did say you were to set aside fifteen minutes to talk with your wife but we did NOT mean all the usual nitty gritties. Quick- read post title! Remember the woman you feel in love with? These fifteen minutes are to romance your wife and fall in love with her all over again. Which means you laugh and smile, stay positive and talk about fun, interesting stuff. Um, also run this past your wife, ok? So she doesn’t bring up how you really need to hit the gym (ouch!).

Romance your wife by spending fifteen pure fun happy minutes talking to her alone

Stay positive and don’t forget to smile!

Step 5: Seal it with a kiss

Okay, this is the fun part :) At the end of your 15 minutes, reach out and hug your wife, look deep into her eyes (for heaven’s sake STOP thinking about the missed calls on your phone), smile and tell her that you love her. Sounds too corny to believe? Just trust us and do it! It will be totally worth it when you see the look in her eyes.

Romance your wife by holding her close and telling her how much you love her

Seal it with a kiss!

Okay, so that’s it. Easy right? And we did not bring up flowers or candles or chocolates even once and you don’t even have to step out of your house (though it might be a good idea to do just that once in a while!). So, all set for your 21 Day Challenge that is totally going to transform your relationship?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Read our blog post
  2. Sign up for the challenge! All you need to do is drop us a line in the comments below, with your email, that says “I’m in!”
  3. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter to stay motivated for the duration of the challenge !
  4. On Day 21 check back with us on the blog; we’ll have a special post for you! In the comments section, write in and tell us about your 21 day experience- the good, the bad, the ever-so-romantic 😉
  5. The quirkiest, most, fun, lovable comments will get an ultra romantic Con Affetto bouquet specially delivered to your wife from YOU! And that’s not all! You and your wife get a chance to be featured on our blog as the Con Affetto Cutest Couple Ever!

Are you still reading this? What are you waiting for? The Con Affetto 21 Day Romance Your Wife Challenge is calling! :) Sign up now!

Psst…wives, if you’re reading this, send it to them hubsters already!

Um…some rules!

*Only comments on the Con Affetto blog will qualify

**Contest restricted to Delhi, NCR only

***All decisions regarding contest rules, regulations and winner taken by Con Affetto will be considered as final



Con Affetto’s Last Minute Diwali Gifting Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Diwali is within fragrant halwa sniffing distance and if you’re like us, you’re probably also looking forward to some Diwali chutti 😉 But wait… is the thought of the upcoming Diwali season sending you into a frenzy of panic instead of ecstasy? Last minute Diwali gift shopping giving you the jitters, huh? Well, worry not, coz you’ve come to the right place! For starters, take a quick look at our snazzy gifting guide that tells you everything that you need to know about the art of gifting. Then, read on for our funky last minute Diwali gift ideas that will make you the toast of this Diwali gifting season. And no one will even guess about all that last minute Diwali shopping!

The last minute Diwali gift bucket

If you’ve been reading our blog regularly (good on you!), you know that one of the key tenets to a good gift is to make it personal. Well, our Diwali gift bucket, does just that and what’s more it’s perfect for the festival of lights too! Get one of these quirky lanterns and fill them up with thoughtful and personal gifts you know the recipient will love.

Fill up a festive lantern with little gifts for your very own Diwali Gift Bucket

Add some extra sparkle with a Diwali Gift Bucket!

Add in a few of our delightful cake truffles and this will be one gift even Santa’s Christmas sock will find hard to beat!

The last minute Diwali movie gift package

Everyone loves a good flick, right? But gifting someone a bunch of DVD’s is ever so BORING! But hey, what if you gift them the whole magical movie watching experience instead? And they don’t even have to leave the comfort of their (Diwali lit) home! Yup, we’re talking about a Diwali movie gift package.

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to create a movie package by gifting everything one would need for a complete movie watching experience

Rock the Diwali gifting scene with a Diwali movie package!

Fill it up with everything you need for the perfect movie night: popcorn, drinks, some comfy cushions or a throw, a bunch of scented candles for that special festive touch and a DVD (or two!) of their favourite movie/s. The perfect last minute Diwali gift for just about anybody– all you need to do is figure out their fave movie!

The last minute Diwali gift for your 3am buddy…

This is your go-to pal come hail or fine weather. They’ve not just been there for you through thick and thin, you’ve also been there, done that together. You’re probably even going to be spending Diwali evening with them. Want to get them something special but are running out of time and ideas? Hot chocolate is what you need! And we’re not just talking any old hot chocolate, but Adult Hot Chocolate!

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to make your friends some Adult Hot Chocolate

Spike up your Diwali gifts with some Adult Hot Chocolate ;)

Make up a (large) batch to have or go, team it up with some of our special sunshine and you’re set for a festive Diwali season! It’s the least you can do to make up for those 3am calls you’ve subjected your friend to!

The last minute Diwali gift for the person who has everything…

Okay, so this is probably your better half; your sis/bro; your pal whose birthday just got over or someone whom you simply cannot think what to gift for the life of you! What then? These super cool printable ‘breakfast in bed’ tickets! Or personalized business cards for those who really want to make a unique style statement. Get creative with your thoughts and get printing!

A unique Diwali gifting idea is to gift fun printable coupons tickets or business cards

Get personal and creative this Diwali with these fun printables

The last minute Diwali gift that keeps on giving!

Nope we’re not talking about creating a secret Santa for Diwali (would be a fun idea though!). We’re talking about something unique and thoughtful that will help you spread the spirit of giving not just at Diwali but beyond: gifting a charitable donation. Identify a charity or a cause that is close to the recipient’s heart and gift a donation in their name. A wonderful way of starting something new this Diwali that will truly spread the spirit of the festival of lights.

A unique gifting idea is to gift a charitable donation

Spread the true spirit of the festival of lights by gifting a charitable donation

So now that we’ve taken all of that Diwali gifting stress away, just sit back, relax and get ready to Diwali gift with our easy peasy ideas! And hey, you know we like hearing from you, right? Write in and tell us if YOU have any suggestions for last minute Diwali gifting ideas that helped you steal the scene!

All About Mummyji!

Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter

Shades of sepia, a touch of glitter…

We’re talking about a lady you can either love..or hate…but if you have her in your life, you sure as hell can’t ignore her! Yup, you guessed it right, it’s the Mother in Law, also known more fondly (or not! 😉 ) as Mummyji! Did you know that 25th October also happens to be Mother in Law Day? A fun occasion to show the Mummyji in your life some love; or give her a pre Diwali special something. Here’s a fun take on the different types of Mummyjis that abound in our lives and what YOU can gift yours this festive season!

1. The GH Mummyji

Her home is straight out of the pages of a design magazine and she has an avid interest in a variety of subjects pertaining to the home…she’s your Good Housekeeping Mummyji! Stylish and refined, she runs her home like a well oiled ship and is terribly house proud.

A house proud mother in law or Mummyji will like a home decor gift

Something for the home for the GH Mummyji

Gift her something to scatter around with style, with these silk brocade cushions with shimmering marigold or scent up her space with this elegant Ratnakara aromatherapy set.

2. Masterchef Mummyji

She can debate endlessly on the benefits of serving pineapple raita over boondi raita; her eyes light up at the mention of a new paneer recipe and she’ll be the first to try out that new fusion dish or that tough to bake cake. Say hello to Masterchef Mummyji! Passionate about food and all things cooking, this Masterchef in the making can cook up a storm and love every minute of it.

A mother in law or Mummyji who likes cooking will appreciate a cooking related gift

Charm her Masterchef Mummyji soul with a thoughtful gift

Charm her chef-fy soul with this awesome table top pizza oven or add some warmth to her favourite space- the kitchen!- with this ‘birdy’ tea pot set.

3. Have visa, will travel Mummyji

When in doubt, travel, is this Mummyji’s motto. Her suitcase is always packed and on standby, just waiting for that next exciting trip round the corner. From domestic destinations to Burkina Faso and Bora Bora, she’s been there, done that. And when she’s not travelling, she’s planning her next trip!

A mother in law or Mummyji who likes travel will love a thoughtful travel gift

Let her travel to see her newest sunset with a fab overnighter gift case

Get her really looking forward to her upcoming vacay with this hip overnighter travel case– she may just plan her next trip all around it!

4. Slightly bored and ‘I’m retired now beta’ Mummyji

Once passionate about her career and after working for many years in a job she loved, this Mummyji is retired now and at a bit of a loss. Her kids have flown the nest, and without a burning passion in her life, her days now seem to stretch on endlessly.

A mother in law or Mummyji who is retired may appreciate a new craft project gift

Help her discover a new passion!

This Mummyji needs a project! Help her get started with one with a crafting starter kit. Scrapbooking, card making, decoupage, wood carving…there’s a bunch of eclectic options out there, and you may just put her on to the next love of her life!

5. I’m too sexy to be called Mummyji!

Okay, so this Mummyji probably comes to your yoga class. Super fit, toned and with looks that defy her age, she might even pass off as your elder sister. She’s the fitness conscious Mummyji, well groomed, immaculate and terribly particular about her health and nutrition to boot.

A fitness conscious mother in law or Mummyji may like fitness related gifts

Super fit Mummyji? We have just the thing for her!

Let her go bonkers over these cool little nut cases; perfect for toting around that post workout snack! Or give her breakfast a little extra health boost with this Missisippy Muesli in fun flavours.

6. World’s Best Grandma Mummyji

She’s right there beside you cheering your kids on for their special days, events, school functions…even mundane occasions like playdate drop-offs or sit-by-the-sidelines-at-tennis-coaching. She understands your little one almost as much as you do, loves them to bits and sometimes, when they’re driving you up the wall, saves the day with her years of experience and wisdom. Yeah, she’s the World’s Best Grandma alright, and believe it or not, you and the kids are lucky to have her.

If your mother in law or Mummyji is a doting grandmother, give her a gift for the world's best grandmother

The world’s best granny needs the world’s best gift :)

The child in her will love this cheery mug– and it will remind her of her (and your) favourite little people even when they’re not around.

7. Busy Bee Mummyji

Business calls, urgent meetings, a full social calendar, a million and three lunches to attend; this is one busy Mummyji. Whatever her life stage or calling, she sure knows how to keep her days full. And if you want to spend any one on one time with her, you may just need an appointment!

A mother in law or Mummyji who is terribly busy will love a gift that helps her stay organized

Busy bee Mummyji will love something that helps her stay busy AND organized!

This Dino memo holder is purr-fect for the Busybee Mummyji to organize all her to-do lists! She may even pencil you in for some exclusive time with her 😉

What’s your Mummyji type? And have you picked out that perfect Diwali gift for her yet? We hope our gifting ideas helped! Until next time, happy Mummyji gift hunting :)

5 Ultra Romantic Gift Ideas for Karva Chauth

Moonlight…candles….romance…and….the grumbling in her tummy 😉 Yes, Karva Chauth is round the corner and while it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic festivals, it’s also one of the toughest- just ask the hungry gal who’s been fasting for you all day! Why not make her Karva Chauth extra special this year with some delectably romantic gift ideas? As SRK would say, this Karva Chauth….come, make her fall in love with you all over again!

1. Let her experience bliss…

A romantic gift idea for Karva Chauth would be to gift her a spa session

Get her mind off the hunger pangs with some spa style bliss!

…at the spa! Karva Chauth is on a Friday this year, so after a long week, a trip to the spa is just what the (love) doctor would recommend! What better way to get her mind off those hunger pangs than with some exotic massages which will take her to instant bliss! Whisk her away from work (or wherever she is) a little earlier and drive her to the spa where you’ve pre-booked a romantic special just for her. Scented candles, music, dim lights…you get the drift! Even better, join her for a couples spa session; a fab way to amp up the bonding and the romance.

2. Cook her a meal

A romantic gift idea for Karva Chauth is to cook her a romantic dinner

The way to HER heart can be through her tummy too- specially after a full day of fasting!

Sounds clichéd? Dude, this is THE single most romantic thing you can do for your ladylove. And you’ll have her eating out of your hands- quite literally! If you are a good cook anyway (lucky her!), use those skills to whip up a culinary storm that will have her floored. Can’t even boil an egg, forget about cooking?  Check out these incredibly romantic dinners anyone can cook. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, hop over to your nearest gourmet store and pick up a ready-to-cook meal kit. Now all you need to do is follow some very basic instructions and bring on the romance! We can’t think of a better way to show her how much she means to you-can you?

3. Check in…

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to take a mini hotel getaway in your city

Getaway for a day of decadence!

Take a day out of your busy schedules and check into a day of decadence …in your very own city! Several city hotels offer romantic gift packages; options tailored for a quick getaway without having to plan an elaborate vacation. Spring it on her as a surprise; pack her things (and yours!) and drive her to your destination without letting her in on the plan till you get there. There’s nothing more romantic- or fun- than an unexpected mini vacay! And we did mention that Karva Chauth is on a Friday didn’t we? All the more reason to extend your getaway into a weekend of romance!

4. Follow the clock….

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to give her a gift every hour all day long

Fill her day with love…and gifts!

….tick tock, tick tock….Um, no, we didn’t mean gifting her a watch (duh! BORING!). We were talking about another one of our super romantic gift ideas (ahem!); give her a gift EVERY hour, hour on hour, for the ENTIRE day! Let her awaken to a room filled with her favorite music (or balloons!), followed by a personalized pamper kit just as she heads into the shower (we’re thinking some delicious scented Cocoa Body Butter from the Body Shop, her favourite perfume, a peppermint foot scrub….sigh), a love jar hand delivered to her with romantic little scribbles from you, an essential oil aroma dispenser to scent up the rest of her day, a bundle of joy which is so gorgeous looking, she can feast her eyes on it all day- and share with you after dinner ;), a relaxing foot massage (home delivered!) when the long day is just beginning to get to her….and all the other creative options you can think of for in between!

5. Get someone to shoot her…

A romantic gift idea this Karva Chauth is to gift her a professional couples photo shoot

Shoot the hunger! With a couples photo shoot of course ;)

….a photographer, we mean! First, pre-book a care package at her favourite salon. Then, just when she’s looking and feeling her best and thinking this is the most romantic gift idea ever, spring the real deal on her- a romantic photo shoot for the two of you with a professional photographer! Then cozy up and… click click!

We’re feeling so moony-eyed we’re hoping our significant others read this too and get inspired! If YOU liked our ideas, spread some love and share or tweet this to your friends; you might just make someone’s Karva Chauth a li’l extra special :)

Boss-trology: A Sun Sign Guide to Your Boss!



With all due apologies to singer Shaan of Loveology fame, we just couldn’t help getting a little carried away because it’s World Boss’ Day today!:D Do you have a meanie for a boss or are you one of the lucky ones with a genuinely nice boss?

A zodiac sign guide to help you understand your boss' management style

Use our Sun Sign Guide to get to know your boss better!

Meanie or sweetie, it’s always a good idea to get to know your boss a little better and what better way than by using their sun signs as a guide? Read on to get the full inside scoop on how to match your boss’s sun sign to their management style, and figure out what is a good gift to give your boss!


Remember the little powerhouses barreling across the playground full steam, back when you were a kid? The grown up version is your Aries boss. Dynamic; inspiring; trailblazing; the Aries boss is a natural leader and a demanding one at that! You can have a tough time keeping pace with an Aries boss, so if you’re the quiet, dreamy sort- pull up your socks or run! On the other hand, your Aries boss will hugely respect your individuality and be open to ideas and experimenting.

Your Aries boss will be demanding but also inspiring

You Aries boss can be more than a ‘little’ demanding!

Gift your fiery Aries boss an outdoor barbecue grill, a deluxe Swiss army knife or a dart game for the office- just make sure you stay in their good books or you might have those darts buzzing around your head!


Bossy? The adjective derived from boss? That’s the Taurus boss for you 😉 Slow, stable and hard working, your Taurean boss will take their own sweet time to give you direction but when its done expect it to be set in stone. Hugely trustworthy, fair and honest you can be sure your Taurean boss will always have your back.

A Taurus boss is exactly that, bossy!

BOSSY? You’ve got a Taurean for a boss!

Your Venus-ruled Taurean boss will appreciate tickets to a musical event, vintage art or a particularly unique antique find.


Be prepared to be charmed; Gemini bosses are quirky, fun and super smart. Flexible and easy to work with, Gemini bosses are not natural born leaders, they prefer working at an equal level and enjoy being part of teams. Gemini bosses will be happy to delegate authority and let things run their course, but make sure you keep them in the loop on important decisions.

Maintain a clear line of communication with your Gemini boss

Keep your Gemini boss in the loop, always!

The latest best-selling book, a funky travel accessory or a snazzy tech toy are perfect gifts for your Gemini boss!


Ever had a boss who would nit-pick your presentation in gory detail, down to the exact shade of font colour used? Cancerian! Extremely particular and demanding, your Cancerian boss will have high (sometimes unrealistic) expectations from you. Also very emotional and empathetic, it is important to be on the same emotional wavelength as your Cancerian boss.

Cancerians make for demanding bosses with high expectations

Your Cancerian boss can be a tad emotional!

A classic desk accessory, a vintage cookbook, a new coffee maker; even your Cancerian boss will have little to find fault with these perfect-for-Cancerian-boss gifts!


All hail the king of the corporate jungle! Natural born leaders, Leos just lurrve being bosses! Fair and impartial, Leos take great pride in their work. Intelligent, resourceful and natural risk takers, Leo bosses are typically the centre of attention at the office coffee machine- and don’t they just love that!

Leo boss loves the role of boss

Leo bosses just LOVE being the boss!

Your Leonine boss loves luxury; think a posh silver visiting card case, fine champagne or limited edition tickets to an event which has drama and flourish!


Get ready to crunch! Not food silly, numbers! Pragmatic and great realists, Virgo bosses are great ones for facts and figures- so make sure you have yours at your fingertips. Hugely focused on results (sorry, excuses won’t make the cut!) Virgo bosses go for logic and evidence. They may seem unemotional at times, but they will hugely respect your time (as well as their own!) so you can expect to have a good deal of that elusive ‘work life balance’!

Virgo bosses like facts and figures

Virgo boss? Get, set, number crunch!

Virgo bosses will love an exciting new tech toy, a travel reading light or an intellectual book.


Um, this one is a tricky cookie! Perceptive, intelligent, charming, the Libra boss can be a pleasure to work with. As long as things are going well. But the minute conflict arises; disaster! Eager to please everyone and be liked, Libra bosses find it very difficult to handle conflict. If they’re able to get past that bit though, and it may just take an eternity, they are one of the most sociable bosses around!

Libra bosses are sociable but cannot handle conflict

Libra bosses are great to work with- until conflict strikes!

Anything to do with music works well for the Venus-ruled Libra boss; a portable music dock with speakers, a unique music collection, or a smart new electronic calendar to help them organize their dates.


Powerful and dominating, your Scorpio boss will set high expectations from everyone including themselves. Your Scorpio boss will push you hard and draw the best out of you, but will also protect you from unreasonable demands and reward you abundantly when deserved.

Scorpio bosses will push you and have high expectations

Your Scorpio boss has high expectations from you!

A classic book (thrillers or crime stories), a tarot deck or a tech security device will be sure to get your Scorpio boss’s attention; in a good way!


It’s difficult not to like a Saggi boss! Optimistic, open, warm, they can cheer you up even on a blue funk Monday morning. On the flip side, they tend to be dreamers with their head in the clouds and a bit touchy, so make sure your lines of communication with them are clear and open.

Sagittarius bosses are well liked by everyone

Everyone likes a Saggi boss!

A sporty watch, a stylish passport case or a Swiss Army compass make for great gifts for your Saggi boss.


All work and no play makes for the serious Capricornian boss! Serious and hard-working, you don’t want them to catch you goofing off at the water cooler. Gifted and persevering, your Capri boss is awesome at cracking the toughest problems. Delegation doesn’t come to them naturally though, you may have to twiddle your thumbs a bit with your Capri boss!

Capricorn bosses are hardworking and serious

The Capri boss can be a tough nut to crack!

An intriguing historical book, a chess set with ivory pieces or a useful hiking accessory will have you a very happy Capri boss on your hands!


Creative, versatile and hugely independent, your Aquarian boss secretly hates being a boss! Hugely independent, Aquarian bosses don’t do so well with hierarchy and are happy doing stuff on their own. They are happy for you to do the same, as long as you’re resourceful and work on your own steam, no breathing down the neck here!

Aquarian bosses are fiercely independent and like working on their own

Your Aquarian boss might just wander off to get stuff done on his own!

Funky new speakers, a telescope to view the stars, a boxed set of their fave TV series; the funkier and more unusual, the better!


Sensitive, moody, intuitive, Piscean bosses can be a bit of a mystery! Fluid and empathetic, Piscean bosses can make for excellent bosses. They can also be a tad overprotective and touchy, so its important to strike the right emotional chord with them.

Piscean bosses have a shroud of mystery around them

Your Piscean boss might just be surrounded in mystery!

A book on photography, a fitness accessory, a soothing aromatic water fountain will appeal to the artistic soul of your Piscean boss.

Any sun sign for boss tips you’d like to share too? Tell us!

6 Unique Birthday Ideas For Your Husband

Flowers…expensive cologne…fancy schmancy dinner…B.O.R.I.N.G. Does the thought of your husband’s upcoming birthday evoke a sense of blah instead of excitement because you’ve been there, done that? After all, when you’ve been together for what seems like forever, thinking up creative ways to celebrate each time can get tricky! Which is where WE come in with our specially curated countdown of fabulous, unique birthday ideas for his next big day! Go ahead, tick, tick…PICK!… one-or many!- this year and bring on the celebrations already!

6. Organize a karaoke night!

Organize a fun karaoke night for your husband's birthday

Karaoke your way into his birthday this year!

There’s nothing like letting go of those inhibitions with some good karaoke fun! Throw in some wine and good food, great company and sing in the birthday wishes for your beloved. Oh, and don’t forget to include all of the birthday boy’s favourite numbers; we can bet you’ll have him dancing to your tunes (quite literally!) by the end of the evening!

5. Organize a boy’s night out…

Organize a boys night in for his birthday with loads of munchies, beer on tap, his best buddies and endless TV!

Beer, snacks, TV and his friends; his idea of bday heaven!

…or in; much less stressful for the birthday boy when you don’t have to worry about picking up the tab or getting people back home safely! Put a bunch of his boys together in a room filled with beer, munchies and lots of TV/ video games- birthday boy gets to pick!- and they’ll think its heaven redefined! Let him hang out with his buddies and bond over boy stuff while you take care of all the party planning and organizing. It’ll be a fun-tastic birthday he’ll always remember and thank you for!

4. Turn him into a scavenger

A unique birthday idea: Plan a scavenger hunt for his birthday with the clues leading up to YOU!

When all the clues lead up to YOU!

By which we mean scavenger hunts, but of course! Remember the treasure hunts you played as a child? Set up one for him along similar lines but with lots of twists and some adventure thrown in for good measure. Make him work hard and get around a bit (take him back to your courtship days;)) and then lead the last clue towards YOU, with a special gift for all that effort (need gifting inspiration? check out our guide!).

3. Go on a picnic!

Unique birthday idea to celebrate your husband's birthday; organize a romantic birthday picnic

Organize a bday picnic for your little big boy

When was the last time the two of you let your hair down at a carefree picnic; the kind of stuff childhood fantasies are made of? Well, why not whisk him away for a surprise birthday picnic? Put together a personalized picnic hamper with the birthday boy’s favourite treats (we’re thinking silverware, champagne, smoked cheese and truffles, washed down with some strawberries and a spot of purple love); pick a spot where the two of can get away from the hustle and grind and watch your sweetheart turn into a little big boy again.

2. Take a class…

Unique birthday ideas to celebrate your husband's birthday; sign up for a class together!

Get your Salsa moves on for his birthday!

No, we’re not kidding! And hey, we don’t mean to take you back to your boring chem lab days…we’re thinking something fun like a cocktail making workshop, a cooking workshop if the two of you are foodies, or even a dance class (Salsa, anyone?)…anything that interests you. Sign up for one together, its a great way to have some fun and amp up the bonding!

1. Go on a long…elaborate…

Unique birthday idea to celebrate your husband's birthday; gift him a staycation

Gift him a stay-cation this birthday!

Staycation! Remember all the times you’ve hounded him for a vacation or a trip (we’re guilty as charged too!). Well, bust all that guilt by bringing the vacation to you! Organize a stay-cation with home turned into temporary resort and make it all about him. Sleep in till noon, birthday brunch in bed, movie marathons all day long (he gets the remote!)…you can even hire a butler-for-a-day to make the experience come alive! All you’ll have to worry about is getting him back to the normal routine when the birthday ends!

So forget the blah and boring for his next birthday and pick one of our ideas to truly make it a birthday to remember. And who says you have to stick to just one day? You can even make it an EPIC week long celebration with a countdown to his birthday! And don’t forget to write in and tell us how he felt!

5 Handy Cake Decorating Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind!

What is a world without cake? And what is a cake without some scrummy decoration? Here at Con Affetto, baking is what makes our world go round! It also makes it taste divine and smell amazing;) So when we heard that 10th October was Cake Decorating Day, it had us so excited, we decided to go all out and celebrate and gift YOU something fun while we were at it! (You’re welcome!)

Learn these ingenious cake decorating hacks and become a pro

Welcome to Cake Decorating School :)

What we’re going to tell you will change the way you Pipe & Ice forever! So…ta-daaaa *drum roll*! Presenting, 5 awesome super simple and absolutely ingenious cake decorating hacks that will BLOW your mind!

1. Lace it up!

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

Did you know that lace is an AWESOME cake decorating tool?

It looks pretty on dresses and can add a touch of glamour at tea time when its draped on your dining table, but did you know that lace works really well as a cake decoration hack? Yes you heard that right, and it does not get any simpler than this. All you need to do is place a piece of lace on your cake and sprinkle icing sugar through a sieve to get a super cool, fuss free, lacy pattern! You don’t even need any icing!

2. Get swirly…

A simple icing trick that will take your icing skills to the next level

Swirl around with ease with this simple icing hack!

Have you always been impressed with the swirly twirly icing professional bakers manage with such ease but have never been able to replicate it for yourself? We’ve got it sorted! All you need are two icing bags filled with different coloured frosting. Cut the tips and place them both in a larger icing bag and fit it with a tip. Your perfect, two toned swirly twirls of icing are ready to rock and roll that cake!

3. Join the dots

Get your cake icing just right with this clever icing hack

Bad handwriting? You can still ice it perfect!

Always had an issue with handwriting back in school and could never quite figure out what all that fuss was about cursive writing? Well, here’s a fun way to get your decorating fonts to look just perfect– on your cakes at least! Use a toothpick to dot the letters on your cake, then just connect the dots when you pipe for easy-peasy, perfect looking icing! This is a trick straight from the school days; remember join the dots?

4. Do something pop-tacular!

Place ready made lollipops or candy on cake for a simple and great looking cake decorating trick!

Create something pop-tacular with lollipops on cake!

If you read our last post on cake pops, you know we have a thing for these bite-sized, fun, pretties that take us straight back to our childhood lollipop whimsies. So it’s no surprise that we have a cake decorating trick that’s all about lollipops! Try this when you’re super rushed and have neither the time nor the patience for any elaborate cake decoration. Stick some store bought lollipops in a burst of colours along the edges of your cake and voilà! A fun, colourful pop-on-cake ready in seconds!

A cool cake decorating hack that uses srinkles in a very creative way

Get wild with this ‘sprinkly’ creative hack!

Another super simple, yet favourite hack of ours involves sprinkles and cookie cutters. Place cookie cutters firmly on your cake and fill ’em up with sprinkles. Then gently remove the cookie cutter to get some sprinkly designs in as crazy an assortment of shapes as you like!

5. Get plastered!

A simple cake fondant smoothening hack

Plaster your way to perfection with this hack

Um, no, don’t reach for that bottle- just yet! Check out this cool plastering trick for a super looking cake first. So you’ve covered your cake with fondant and are feeling bummed because all those annoying little cracks are showing up? Worry not! Just bung in a few drops of water with your leftover icing, mix it all together to get a toothpaste-y consistency and plaster those cracks! Smooth into and over and your cake-with-a-fabulous-finish is set!

Have you got any tricks up your cake decorating sleeve? Share it with us this World Cake Decoration Day! Or, if you’re reading this, just say Hi! We’d love to hear from you :)

Anatomy of a Cake Pop

Close your eyes and imagine a burst of delicious decadence melting over your taste buds. Dense, sweet, soft, just the right bit of moist, crumbly…could it be… cake?

But wait! It’s also cool…almost crisp, smooth, an explosion of fun…and it’s on a stick!

So…it’s a lollipop, right?

Cake…Lollipop…Confused? Don’t be! Say hello to the newest entrant on the desert scene: the CAKE POP!

Combining the best of two delightful worlds, cake pops marry the traditional sophistication of a tea time cake with the fun quirkiness of lollipops.

Cake pops are the perfect treat for birthdays; stylish and bite sized fun!

Cake pops make for stylish, bite-sized birthday treats

So how did cake pops come to be in the first place? They have a really interesting and totally yummy history! Cake pops evolved from cake balls which originated to make something out of leftover, potentially stale cake. So you would have all this scrummy leftover cake, crumbed and rolled into balls with icing or other binding ingredient and then coated with chocolate or some other sweet exterior (much like donuts). A fabulous way of creating something awesome out of leftover cake!

Cake balls was where it all began, they evolved into the cake pop as we know it

Cake balls led to the evolution of cake pops

Cake balls became so popular that bakers began making them from scratch; without waiting for the leftover cake that needed to be salvaged. This then led to that light bulb moment: why not put a cake ball on a stick? And voilà! The cake pop, as we know and relish it, was born! And then, the well known cake pop Queen herself, Bakerella (also known as Angie Dudley), really put the spotlight on cake pops with her delightful, spectacular creations and before you could say ‘POP!’ cake pops were popping up all over the world from home chefs, to bakeries to Starbucks, which now serves cake pops in a variety of flavours!

So let’s dig right into one of these scrummy-licious creations and see what really goes into the making of a very basic cake pop- layer by delicious layer. For a detailed Con Affetto special recipe, watch this space; we have something pop-tacular coming your way SOON!

What is a cake pop made of exactly? We take it apart for you, layer by layer.

Absolutely swoon-some aren’t they? What’s more, you can use your creativity and personalize your cake pops as you wish. Go ahead and experiment with cake flavours, or, if the fancy strikes you, play around with a variety of ice cream sundae like toppings. Don’t be afraid to throw a bit of your personality into them as well; from Harry Potter pops to Disney princess pops, cake pops are popping up pretty much everywhere! They make a stylish alternative at theme based events; think bride and groom themed cake pops at weddings or pink and blue baby pops, just perfect for a baby shower! Take a look at these 27 insanely clever cake pops you won’t believe exist! Kim Kardashian cake pops anyone?

From weddings to baby showers, cake pops make the perfect go-to dessert

Bride and groom themed cake pops for a pop-tacular wedding!

The great thing about cake pops is that they are a versatile, go-to dessert. They make the perfect bite sized offering for adults at an afternoon tea, are a fun, insanely popular option with kids at birthday parties and make a stylish alternative at formal events or for corporate gifting.

Cake pops are a stylish, bite sized, go-to dessert of choice suitable for any occassion

Bite sized, versatile, stylish; cake pops are THE go-to dessert!

This bite-sized, handy dessert is also great for the weight conscious; it lets you have the best ever combination of cake and a melt-in-your-mouth topping without making you feel like you’ve eaten too much. What’s more cake pops look absolutely fantabulous! All you need to do is make sure there are enough to go around; they’re so delicious that they do tend to have a tendency to POP into thin air and vanish!

Have you eaten one of these incredibly yummy delights? Or, is there anything more you’re craving to know about these yummies-on-a-stick? We are waiting to hear from YOU!

10 Things Your Boyfriend is Thinking, But Will Never Tell You

Did you know that 3rd October is ‘World Boyfriends Day’? Yeah, there really is a day dedicated to those special guys in our lives; the ones that make us go weak in the knees and sometimes want to bop them on the head a little! Surprised? We bet you’d be even more so if you could get into your guy’s head and take a sneak peek at all the things he’s secretly thinking but will NEVER tell you!

Your boyfriend has secrets you know nothing about

Is there something he isn’t telling you?

1. He does notice that extra weight…

Yes he does. No matter how good he is at reassuring you that he loves you exactly the way you are, when you pile on the pounds, you can bet he’s noticed every extra gram. He’d just rather watch a skyscraper being whitewashed than ever admit it to you.

2. He does NOT want to hang out with your family that often

Couple time

Sometime he just wants to hang out with YOU!

Yes, he thinks your dad is really funny too and he loves your mom’s home-made cinnamon loaf. But sometimes couple time with just the two of you is what he prefers. (And he does have a slight complex when it comes to your dad, even if he’s turning blue denying it!)

3. He’s as clueless as you are…

So the air conditioner’s been acting up and you’ve turned to him for help? Sure, he’s got his whole super dude act going as he nonchalantly goes about fixing it (he’s secretly Googling ‘how do you fix a bloody AC?’ on his phone), but the truth is he has NO idea. Zilch. Unless you really are dating super dude (well done, you!).

4. Your cooking? Um…

That lasagna you slaved over last time he came over? Blech. But it disappeared without a trace, you say? Now you know why your dog mysteriously took ill. Oh, and don’t even bother trying to compete with his mom’s laddoos. They will always be the world’s best. So there.

His mom's cooking will always be better than yours

Mom’s laddoos are the BEST

5. He does not want to talk

He needs you to shut up

Is she ever going to shut up?

He’s never going to tell you to zip it, but honestly? He does not want to discuss, analyze and stress over everything from the bitchy new girl in your office team (he secretly thinks she’s cute) to your love hate relationship with his best friend.

6. He hates some of your clothes

He hates some of your clothes!

He hates what you’re wearing!

That old favourite grey tee you wear whenever you’re feeling low? The one you’ve had since high school? He secretly wants it in the garbage dump. Yes, he did say you look SO cute in it. He was lying. He’ll take the black sheath dress any day.

7. Your BFF? Well…

She’s your rock, your support system, your 3am pal…you can’t imagine life without her! He knows that too, which is why he’s never going to tell you that he can’t stand the sight of her. That irritating, interfering, know-it-all…

8. He likes to vegetate on the couch more than you know it

That happening new club that’s opening? The weekend movie plan with friends? The marathon coming up in three months you want to train for? All he wants to do is drape himself on the couch and go into a coma. With you beside him to cuddle, of course.

9. He needs his ME time

With his friends. In their man cave. Watching mindless cricket, eating greasy food straight out of the boxes they came in (plates? Ha!) and drinking enough beer to flood a village. And no, you’re not exactly wanted there.

10. He feels insecure too

About your relationship. About the future. About that hot new Zumba instructor you been WhatsApping a little too often, in his opinion.

Celebrate World Boyfriends Day with your guy

Make him feel special this World Boyfriends Day

But for all the silly, stupid, DUMB things he does, he does make your world go round doesn’t he? And for all his bravado and macho exterior, he can be a little lost boy too sometimes. So show him a little extra TLC this Boyfriends Day-just don’t cook that lasagna again!