Corporate Gifting Ideas to ROCK this Diwali!

Unique and creative corporate gifting ideasClose your eyes and picture the first thing that comes to mind when someone says ‘Diwali gifts!’ Chances are, nine in ten people see a shiny gift box full of mithai. The ubiquitous mithai gift box and Diwali have been together since forever. And if you work in an office, come Diwali, you probably feel like a halwai with all those mithai boxes masquerading as Diwali gifts crowding up your desk. Why not take your corporate gifting from the banal to the brilliant this year with some of our unique corporate gifting ideas? Read on!

People, who work in offices need stationery, right? But hang on- we’re not talking dull as mud paperweights or stress busting balls (ugh!) here. What if you could chase that Monday morning funk away with some stylish stationery? We love this Very Brief Case (Rs 600) for stashing away those stacks of visiting cards that keep floating around like UFO’s in the office space and this uber cool Loudspeaker Pen Stand (Rs 500); perfect for dumping those evil critters that constantly roll off desks when you most need them.

Fun funky stationery corporate gift ideas

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And there’s this too; super Diwali gift for that snide little office know-it-all *evil laughter*

quirky fun stylish corporate gifting ideas for Diwali

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Tech is an inevitable part of work life. It’s also a pretty cool thing to gift! And tech gifting never goes out of style! Check out this baby; a Portable Charger (Rs 7,750) that makes sure your Apple phone is never out of juice and with an awesome speaker to boot. And for those forever freezing in the office AC, these USB Heating Warmer Hand Gloves (apprx. Rs 600)  which keep those fingers warm while they type away with ease are the perfect way to say ‘Happy Diwali’!

Unique corporate gifting ideas for Diwali, for tech lovers

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Remember those cheesy birthday cards you made when you were a kid? Turns out they’re a great corporate gifting option! Um, no we didn’t mean the scrawny stick figured ones you churned out as a seven year old. What we had in mind was more like this beautiful gift pack of 3D pop-up Diwali cards(Rs 300), to convey your Diwali message with a touch of sparkling class. A truly unique corporate gift idea, especially in situations where you may be unsure about the gifting etiquette. Remember, when in corporate gifting doubt, you can always card it!

creative unique corporate gifting cards for Diwali

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Remember how your granny kept telling you that almonds are good for you? She was right. But an overdose of even the good stuff can totally kill the Diwali spirit. We’re thinking a sea of dry fruits, threatening to drown you. Yup, dry fruit boxes are a close runner up to mithai boxes in the boring Diwali gifts round up. How about you do something non dry fruit-y this year? An edible bouquet, perhaps? How about this luxurious and sinful bubbly delight (Rs 1,500) to show your employees or clients some Diwali love? Combining a melt-in-your mouth cake pop bouquet, hand-crafted like gorgeous flowers, with a keepsake golden bucket and a beverage of choice (no vino though!), you can’t go wrong with this one.

Oh and did we mention that everything at Con Affetto is baked-to-order and made in an egg free environment? Just adds the icing on the cake pop.

creative and unique corporate gifting idea. Try these edible bouquets today!

Pop and sparkle this Diwali with this unique gifting idea!

‘Tis the time of light and sparkles and Diwali décor is what everyone needs this time of the year. Style up your corporate gift baskets with these bee-yoo-tiful Ganesha diya plates (Rs 800) or this absolutely stunning pooja thali(Rs 2,000). Everyone loves a little extra Diwali bling! What’s more, your clients/ employees will send some special Diwali cheer your way each time they light a diya!

Unique and creative corporate gifting ideas. Stunning Diwali pooja thali

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We hope you’re feeling inspired to ring in the festivities with our creative corporate gifting ideas. Liked what you just read? Spread some love in the comments below! And don’t forget to watch this space for our next feature on corporate gifting; coming your way very soon!



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